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Testimonial entrepreneur Wesley
As a freelance software engineer, I work for several large companies in the Netherlands. I noticed that not every company is convenient and easy to reach by car. Therefore, I looked for one convenient mode of transportation. I travel privately with NS and I am satisfied with that. Therefore I thought it only logical to do the same for business purposes. 'Never change a winning team'.
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What is your experience traveling with the NS Business Card?
What I like about traveling by public transportation is that you don't have to do anything. You sit down and you can relax or start the work day. Your choice. Also, during your walk to the station, you are in the great outdoors for a while. You don't step from home into a car and back into an office building.
I am happy with the NS Business Card because everything is easy. All trips made can be found in one total overview on the invoices. I also find it ideal that you can arrange an upgrade to 1st class in Mijn NS Zakelijk up to 15 minutes after checking in. If I see in the NS app that the train is getting crowded, I like to make use of this. This way I can work in peace and make good use of my travel time.
My travel habits change constantly. Then I work in Amsterdam, then The Hague or Utrecht. I also work more at home than in the office. That is precisely when travel with the NS Business Card is easy. You don't need to top up your balance and you only pay for the trips you make.
ZZP'er Wesley
Which NS-Business Card services do you use?
I use my NS Business Card for train travel, but also transfer to bus, tram and metro. It sometimes happens that I cross another piece with the OV bike. Handy if a business is right in the center.
I find it easy that you can use any mode of transport with one card. Wherever I work, there is always a way to get somewhere with the NS Business Card.
Arranging an upgrade to 1st class up to 15 minutes after check-in is ideal. This way I can still work quietly on the train during rush hour and make good use of my travel time.
ZZP'er Wesley
Wesley van de Korput, Software engineerZZP'er
Vrouwen station
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