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Zó stimuleer je medewerkers (vaker) met de trein te reizen
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Woman checks departures at the train platform
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Tip #1: Adjust your policies. Your arrangements have (a lot of) influence on how your employees travel. Therefore, make sure you have a good basis. For example, a personal mobility budget provides a financial incentive. By traveling by public transport, the employee can have extra budget left over. Or choose a higher reimbursement for public transportation than for the car - or a full reimbursement for public transportation. Can employees work on the train while on the road? Then give them the option of counting part of their ov trip as work time.
Tip 2: Stand out and surprise That employee who never travels by public transportation ... they probably won't read your intranet messages about the train and the NS Business Card. People perceive selectively; we only view and read the things we think are relevant to us. So make sure you stand out and surprise. Be creative. Organize an event, place a meter-high teddy bear in the lobby, engage with people or show vlogs of train-traveling colleagues in the company cafeteria.
Tip 3: Encourage cycling and public transport bikes Cycling is usually the fastest way to get from home to the train station, or from the train station to work. That realization is often not present. So emphasize the convenience of the bicycle and OV bike in all communications. Employees can use an OV bike with the NS Business Card and safely park their own bike at the station. And reimburse the bicycle kilometers to the
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