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The most sustainable and flexible way to get to work
Corona has accelerated changes in travel behavior. From five to an average of three days heading to the office and an increasing demand for more flexibility and sustainability in means of transport.
Commercieel Directeur van NS - Ivo Steffens
Flexibility is key
Commercial Director of NS Ivo Steffens explains this in the year-end magazine of Het Financieele Dagblad: "Our business customers realize that for three office days the car is a less logical and much more expensive mode of transport. The additional tax liability and the fixed costs for the private driver continue 100%. Employers and also employees are now thinking about this new reality: what is the cheapest, most sustainable and flexible way to get to work." Flexibility is key in mobility needs; train alone is not enough. A traveler travels door to door and not station to station. How NS responds to this and how it deals with external factors such as inflation and labor market tightness, you can read in the entire article.
Read the entire (Dutch) article here