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Business mobility in The Netherlands
Employees want more freedom of choice and flexibility in how they work and travel. Therefore, take a look at the advice for business mobility from NS Zakelijk.
Combineer OV en deelvervoer
Benchmark Report 2018
In the National Benchmark Business Mobility 2018, you can read how 601 organisations from a wide range of sectors have shaped their mobility policy. Below we highlight a few of the figures.
Download the Benchmark Report (in Dutch)
What does a travelling employee cost?
Do you know what each mode of transport costs on average per year? At almost €18,000, the leased car is easily the first most expensive means of transport for employers. Public transport comes second with € 3,280. The bicycle costs an employer on average € 555 per year.
Source: MT/Workaway (in Dutch)
What are popular schemes?
Organisations shape mobility in their own way. Nevertheless, there are a number of schemes that are popular. Employers in the Netherlands (in the period before the corona crisis) mainly opt for:
  • travel allowance (48%)
  • car scheme (17%)
  • public transport scheme (11%)
How do organisations encourage more conscious travel?
In the 2018 benchmark, 32% of organisations said they actively discourage car use. They often offer their employees a mobility card, to combine multiple modes of transport. For example, they can park their car at a P&R and then travel further by public transport or public transport bicycle. Which is faster, more efficient and often cheaper!