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Save operating costs with flexible travel
Do you want to save costs on business travel? And opt more often for sustainable transport options? Discover how the solutions of NS Zakelijk can help your organisation. Then schedule an appointment for customised advice.
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1. Save up to 30% on each business kilometre
Travelling by train is cheaper than travelling by car. Your organisation can save up to 30% on each business kilometre. Travel costs per means of transport:
  • Train: € 0.15 per kilometre (average business trip*)
  • Car: € 0.19 per kilometre
  • Lease car: € 0.49 per kilometre
Besides the lower price per (business) kilometre, public transport has another major advantage: your employees can use their travel time more effectively than in the car. This makes public transport an attractive alternative to the car.
* Costs for 2nd class travel in peak hours € 0.20 per km. Travel in off-peak hours € 0.12 per km.
2. Save time
No more administration costs
Using NS-Business Cards can save your organisation a lot of time and money. All travel costs are charged afterwards via a monthly tailor-made invoice. This lists the trips specified per employee, making loose declarations a thing of the past. In terms of time, the processing of a declaration costs an average of € 25. This is a substantial saving!
Train time is extra time
An appointment in the heart of Amsterdam? Travelling by train allows your employees to prepare the meeting or answer e-mails. This way, they arrive at their appointment well rested and prepared.
3. Save on CO2 emissions
Did you know that travelling by train is 100% CO2 neutral? With NS trains, your employees travel to their workplace or appointment on energy-efficient and green energy. A nice bonus! And would you like to know exactly how much CO2 your organisation is saving? In My NS Zakelijk you can find the reports.
Want to know more?
The account managers of NS Zakelijk are happy to advise you on how to reduce your mobility costs. Contact our account managers directly for the possibilities.