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Sustainable entrepreneurship
What is sustainable entrepreneurship? Why do business sustainably? NS Zakelijk has listed the advantages. Read how you can become more sustainable.
Zakelijke treinreiziger
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Travel on green power
All NS trains run entirely on green electricity, supplied by wind power. That way, you travel without CO2 emissions. And you save on your mobility costs as well.
Save on this
Travel energy-efficiently
In addition to climate-neutral kilometres, the train is also advantageous in terms of energy consumption. We have achieved this by
  • Using trains that are more energy efficient.
  • Modernising double-decker trains, making them 20% more energy efficient.
  • Introducing energy-efficient driving; accelerating quickly and letting it coast for a long time. In the past 10 years, we have already saved 30% on energy. But there is always room for improvement. We will therefore continue to work on our energy efficiency.
NS recycles waste
NS wants to return waste to the raw materials cycle in collaboration with suppliers. All the waste that we produce at stations, in trains, at company locations and in offices is processed as sustainably as possible into raw materials. 
NS' goal is to recycle 75% of its waste by 2020.
Want to know more about sustainable business practices?
The account managers at NS Zakelijk are happy to advise you about a sustainable mobility policy for your organisation. And we do not only look at the train, but also at other forms of public transport, bicycle, (shared) car and more.
Contact our account managers directly for the possibilities. 
Want to find out what a commute costs in terms of time, money and CO2 emissions? Use our mobility scan.