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A single card for all public transport, plus much more

  • The NS-Business Card is the ideal way to travel for you as an entrepreneur, and for your employees.
  • With this card, you can travel on any mode of public transportation, as well as enjoy door-to-door services such as Greenwheels, taxi, parking and OV-fiets.
  • You only pay for your actual travel costs, with a single easy-to-read monthly invoice.
  • The NS-Business Card is available starting at € 0 

Order the free NS-Business Card

NS-Business Card

Who can use the NS-Business Card?

  • For self-employed entrepreneurs, the NS-Business Card offers plenty of freedom and benefits. It is a free card that allows you to choose how you would like to travel every day.
  • For small- and medium-sized business owners and for your colleagues, who can choose how they would like to travel every day. You always have insight into your travel costs, and only pay for the travels you make, with a single easy-to-read monthly invoice.
  • For large companies. You can organise your company's business travel with NS Zakelijk for the lowest cost and in the most sustainable and simple manner. We provide advice and offer you custom-tailored solutions with the NS-Business Card.

A season ticket ideal for any travel needs

If you only travel occasionally, then you may only need the free NS-Business Card, without a season ticket, so that you only pay for the journeys that you actually make using the card. If you travel more frequently, then you can expand your NS-Business Card with one of our affordable season tickets. 

From door to door

Would you like to get to your destination in the most convenient way possible? With the NS-Business Card you can easily take advantage of a number of door-to-door services, such as booking a taxi, discount parking or renting an OV-fiets.

The convenience of a single card

Travel on account door-to-door with a single NS-Business Card

Cut costs

Would you like to save money on business travel? Choose for the NS-Business Card

More sustainable entrepreneurship

Would you like to make your business more sustainable? Then choose to travel by train.

Try the NS-Business Card

If you do not use it, you pay nothing

Order the free card today!

Business rates

You can find the rates for NS business products for 2017 here. These rates are also available in the NS Travel Planner.

Fiscal aspects

The NS-Business Card allows your employees to travel on public transportation. All of their journeys are billed at the end of the month, including a VAT specification. So you do not need to request a VAT refund, which saves you time and keeps your administration simple.