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NS-Business Card

  • The ideal mobility card for train, bus, tram, metro and more.
  • The NS-Business Card is free; you pay no purchase costs.
  • No need to top up your balance; you receive an easy-to-read VAT invoice at the end of the month. If you do not use the card, then you don't have to pay.
  • Indicate your business- and private travel costs on your invoice in the online administration environment.

What is the NS-Business Card?

NS-Business Card is the ideal mobility card for Dutch entrepreneurs. Travel in comfort on all modes of public transport. One day, you might work at the office, and the next you can travel from appointment to appointment. So decide for yourself how flexible you'd like to travel with the NS-Business Card!

What is the NS-Business Card?

What can you do with the NS-Business Card?

  • Choose to upgrade to 1st class at any time.
  • Rent an OV-fiets to get from the station to an appointment or assignment.
  • Store your bicycle at a manned storage facility at the station. You only need to scan your NS-Business Card.
  • Rent a Greenwheels car to get to an appointment that's hard to reach by public transport.
  • Travel without a care: never have to worry about whether you have enough money on your OV-chipkaart.
  • Park conveniently at a Q-Park facility, then travel to the city by train.


80,000 entrepreneurs have gone before you

"When I travel with the NS-Business Card, I mainly use the train and OV-fiets. It's great to be able to cycle to your appointment, but to have the flexibility to leave whenever you want. Plus, you see something of the city, and it's of course a healthy way to travel! But when the weather's bad, I can also choose to take the tram, metro or bus."

- Malou, co-owner of Buro Dertig

Try the NS-Business Card for free

Switch to the NS-Business Card and start enjoying flexible travel. You can fully customise the card to suit your own individual travel needs. For example, add unlimited travel by bus, tram en metro. And when your travel needs change, you can easily adjust your subscription.


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