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Benefits of the NS-Business Card

The freedom to go anywhere. Sustainable and efficient travel, which also makes you feel fit. Interested? These are all benefits of the NS-Business Card. And don't forget convenience!

What does the NS-Business Card provide?

  • All transport arranged with 1 card.
  • No subscription fees; you only pay for journeys you have made.
  • Less paperwork: 1 card, 1 continuous agreement, 1 invoice.
  • Online management environment in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • Add a subscription for lower travel costs.

Convenience of 1 card

Travel by train, bus, tram and metro obviously falls under public transport. With door to door services, additional transport can also be arranged. This way, your employees can with their chosen mode of transport every day. It is also easy to book European train journeys.

Travel quickly, easily and freely

With just 1 card, you can combine various modes of transport to reach your destination. Or whichever suits you plans; perhaps you would like to get some work done while travelling. There's no need to worry about topping up your balance or keeping receipts: you pay for your journeys afterwards.

Sustainable travel

Chances are that you are also trying to reduce CO2 emissions in order to make your company more sustainable. A large portion of emissions (up to 65%!) is caused by travel. Trains are now energy neutral, so they can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cut costs

No subscription costs are charged for the NS-Business Card. You only have to pay for journeys that have been made and door to door service that are used. Studies have shown that, on an annual basis, public transport is cheaper.

Feel fit

The better you feel, the better you will function. And public transport can help you with that. At the beginning and end of your journey, you could easily be walking or cycling for at least 30 minutes per day. In addition, you will avoid the stressful traffic that drivers have to put up with.