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Process for ordering multiple cards

You must complete a number of steps when ordering more than 5 NS-Business Cards.

Step 1. Request a contract with NS Zakelijk

Via the request form (in Dutch), you enter into a contract with NS Zakelijk. This form includes a space to enter a contact person for your organisation. The contact person is responsible for ordering and managing the NS-Business Cards for your organisation.  

You can choose to order personal cards or department cards. The department card is an anonymous NS-Business Card that can be used by department employees. The card is available with or without a Dal subscription

Finally, you can indicate whether you would like to receive the invoice for your subscription costs centrally or per department, and on a monthly or annual basis. The choice of invoicing format does not entail extra costs. Individual transactions will be billed on a monthly basis. 

Step 2. Process application in Mijn NS Zakelijk

Once we have processed all of the information, the contact person (you) will receive an e-mail with the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk, the secure online environment. Via Mijn NS Zakelijk, you as the contact person can activate your account. You can then enter all employees into the online environment. Here, personal information, such as personnel numbers and cost centres, can be linked to employees. This results in the creation of a Mijn NS Zakelijk account for each employee.

Step 3. Order cards via Mijn NS Zakelijk

Once the Mijn NS Zakelijk accounts have been activated, the contact person or other designated employees can order the NS-Business Cards. 

You can choose from among the available subscriptions. If you would like to know which subscription offers the best discount for your situation, take a moment to fill in the subscription selector . 

You will need to submit a passport photo for the NS-Business Card with a Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij and OV Vrij subscription. Passport photos can be uploaded via Mijn NS Zakelijk.  

Step 4. Receive and issue the NS-Business Cards

After finalising your order, the NS-Business Cards will be sent to the address provided in Mijn NS Zakelijk within 10 days. You can make agreements internally regarding the use of the card, such as when and for what the NS Business Card may be used, and how the administrative settlement should be arranged. See the user agreement (in Dutch) for more details.

Step 5. Travel

Upon receipt of the NS-Business Card, you can begin using it starting from the chosen start date printed on the letter you receive along with the NS-Business Card.

Step 6. Invoice

NS Zakelijk will invoice the costs for your journeys and services at the end of the month. The contact person for invoicing will receive an e-mail with the invoice including an overview of the total costs.  

See also the Frequently Asked Questions about the NS-Business Card, your contract with NS, or your invoice.