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NS Zorg Collectief
Mobility is a challenging issue within companies. Especially for the healthcare industry, this involves different rules and insights. That is why NS Zakelijk offers the 'NS Zorg Collectief'.
With NS Zorg Collectief, the entire organization has maximum freedom to travel by public transport at a low cost and flexible rate. Ideal for employer and employee.
Key benefits
Your employees travel unlimited by train or all public transport. For business, commuting and private travel. Switch easily from bus to train or from tram to metro with the NS-Business Card.
The most advantageous NS contract for your entire organization for unlimited free travel. On the train or throughout public transport.
Costs are adjusted quarterly based on actual travel behavior. So you know exactly where you stand.
Minimal administration and no more hassle with declarations. All trips are made with the NS-Business Card.
The NS Zorg Collectief fits into any sustainable mobility policy. Traveling by train is 100% CO2 neutral.
There's more: NS Go
Evening shifts one week, standard "office hours" the next, and sometimes weekend shifts? All of these shifts result in different compensation.
Is this complicated for you as an employer in terms of policy and administration? With NS Go you facilitate freedom of choice (from car to bicycle) for your employees, while managing costs and sustainability and minimizing administration. So you have the flexible mobility solution that suits your healthcare organization.
Curious about the possibilities?
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