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The ideal mobility card for entrepreneurs

  • The NS-Business Card is free of charge
  • No fixed costs; you only pay for your actual travel costs when you use the NS-Business Card
  • A single VAT invoice at the end of the month, so no need to top up your card balance

Travel from door to door with a single card

With the NS-Business Card, you can travel in comfort on all modes of public transport throughout the Netherlands, without topping up your card balance. Or you can choose to travel with Greenwheels or an OV-fiets.

Ideal for business travellers

A single invoice
At the end of each month, you will receive a single VAT invoice with itemised posts for your business and private journeys, to help simplify your administrative burden.

Pay at the end of the month
With the NS-Business Card, you never have to top up your card balance. Instead, you receive an invoice for your travel costs at the end of the month.

No fixed costs
You can take advantage of all of the NS-Business Card services without paying fixed costs. If you don't use the card, you don't have to pay!

Arrange everything online