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Service and contact

Get the most out of your NS-Business Card, whether you're self-employed and travel using a single card, or are part of an organisation with a few hundred cards. We would be happy to explain some of the many options available with the card, and we work to keep the card easy to use and administer.

Arrange all of your card-related issues online in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Whether your are a cardholder or a NS contact person for your company; you can easily manage, order and change services, view your travel history and download invoices.


Entering into, managing and changing an NS-Business Card contract.

Ordering & changing

Ordering, changing or cancelling one or more NS-Business Cards.


Making the most of travel with our services.


Understanding the invoice, cost posts and billing process.

Mijn NS Zakelijk

Arrange everything online, whether you are a cardholder or a contact person.