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Saving on business journeys
Everyone who occasionally travels outside peak hours or during weekends could benefit from our Dal subscription. For € 4.68 per month per person you get a 40% discount on off-peak travel. You can already start saving with just one trip a month. Find out how to add this subscription to your NS-Business Card by downloading the manual.
Download the manual (in Dutch)
Dal subscription benefits
Do you regularly travel outside peak hours? For just a few euros a month you can upgrade your NS-Business Card with our Dal abonnement. This allows you to enjoy the following benefits:
  • 40% discount on train journeys with NS outside peak hours.
  • 40% discount on off-peak train journeys of up to 3 fellow travellers.
  • You can change or cancel your Dal subscription daily after the first month.
Frequently asked questions
Can I upgrade to a Dal abonnement myself?
Yes, in most cases you can personally activate a Dal subscription on your NS Business Card in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
However, sometimes only the NS contact person within your organisation can change or order subscriptions. In this case this contact person will have to activate the subscription for you in his or her Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
What are the benefits of a Dal subscription for me?
During off-peak hours you get a 40% discount on your train journeys. Do you, like 90% of all business travellers, sometimes travel outside peak hours or at the weekend? You'll save money with only 1 trip per month!
Suppose you travel once a month from The Hague CS to Amersfoort and back during off-peak hours. You will save €8.28 with the Dal subscription.
Without the Dal subscription
  • € 32.40 for the ticket
  • € 0.00 fixed monthly costs
  • € 32.40 total monthly costs
With the Dal subscription
  • € 19.44 for the ticket
  • € 4.68 fixed monthly costs
  • € 24.12 total monthly cost
Read more on the Dal subscription
What are the exact off-peak hours?
Monday to Friday: before 6.30 a.m., from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and after 6.30 p.m.
Weekends: the entire period between Friday 18.30 and Monday morning 4.a.m.
On public holidays: all day.
Can I only travel outside of peak hours with a Dal subscription?
No worries, with the Dal subscription you can travel at all times, whether during off-peak or peak hours. So you can check in and out whenever you want. You only pay 40% less during off-peak hours than during peak hours.
The off-peak hours are on weekdays from 00:00 - 06:30, between 09:00 - 16:00 and between 18:30 - 24:00 the next morning. Plus all day at weekends and on public holidays.
How long am I tied to the Dal subscription?
After the first month, you can cancel your Dal subscription daily or change to a different one.
For example, if you know that you won't be travelling for a few weeks, you can change to the NS-Business Card without a subscription for that period (if you don't travel, you don't pay). Or maybe you will be travelling a fixed route more often anyway. Then the Traject Vrij subscription is probably more advantageous for you. How's that for flexible!
Where can I collect my new subscription?
In order to use your new subscription you must activate it first. This can be done at an NS ticket machine at the station. Hold your NS-Business Card in front of the reader and select 'Retrieve order'. Your NS-Business Card with subscription is now active.
How can I change personalised travel advice?
NS wants to become the broadest mobility platform. One of the ways we do this is by offering personalised travel advice. NS offers this personalised travel advice based on your set cookie preferences.
If you don't want to receive personalised travel advice, you can change your cookie preferences. If you already receive personalised notifications, you should delete your cookies. You can then reset your cookie preferences.
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Step 1 Dal subscription
How-to: changing to a Dal subscription
Follow the steps in the manual to change your NS-Business Card without subscription to the Dal subscription. Start saving on your journeys right away. Click here for the English version.
Download the manual (in Dutch)