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How to redeem a coupon code for a valid train ticket
We explain in a few steps how to redeem a coupon code for a valid train ticket, so you can travel worry-free by train.
Reading duration: 1 minutes
You have received a coupon code from NS or one of our partners. The code consists of a combination of 13 numbers and letters. On this page, we explain how to redeem the code for a valid train ticket.
Step-by-step plan to redeem
Step 1
Go to
Step 2
Enter the coupon code and click 'Redeem'. Do you have multiple coupon codes? Then repeat these steps for each code.
Step 3
Fill in the requested details.
Step 4
Indicate the start and end station.
Step 5
Download your train ticket(s) immediately. You will also receive them by e-mail from NS Reizigers.
Step 6
Load the train ticket on your mobile phone in the NS app before you travel. You can also print them, of course.
Travel steps
Step 1
Take your train ticket with you on your trip via the NS app or printed.
Step 2
If you board at a station where the gates are closed, check in at the gates with a barcode reader. You can recognise these by the image with 'Scan ticket' on the right-hand door of the gate and by the illuminated area on the right-hand side of the gate.
Step 3
Scan the QR code on your train ticket to open the gate.
Any questions?
Still need help redeeming, downloading or printing your train ticket after reading these instructions? If so, please contact our customer service.