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Mijn NS zakelijk
On this page, you'll find the most asked question about Mijn NS Zakelijk. In your business account, you can:
  • Order and manage your NS-Business Cards.
  • Activate and change subscriptions.
  • View and download your invoices.
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Logging in to your account
How do I access Mijn NS Zakelijk?
As soon as your organisation enters into an agreement with NS or you order an NS-Business Card online the first time, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail inviting you to create an account.
Contact person, cardholder or both?
You might like to know that there are two types of accounts when it comes to an NS-Business Card:
  • Accounts for contact persons within an organisation
  • Accounts for people travelling with NS-Business Cards (cardholders)
A distinction has been made between accounts because contact persons must be able to perform other administrative actions than cardholders. Depending on your role, you will receive an e-mail with the login details for a contact person or a cardholder account. Note: If you’re an entrepeneur, you’ll get access to both accounts, because you’re both the contact person for your organisation and a person using the NS-Business Card to travel. We recommend that you use only the contact person account, as this will give you access to the most features and means you will only have to activate one account.
Mijn NS Zakelijk account with department cards
If you use a department card, your organisation’s NS contact person will create an account for you. You will then receive a link to activate your own Mijn NS Zakelijk account. If you already have an active Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you’ll find both the department card and your personal NS-Business Card in the account.
I can’t login, I’ve lost my login details
If you have a personal NS-Business Card but can’t log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk, you may not have activated your account yet. Activate your account first before logging in. If you’re your organisation’s contact person and do not have an account yet, contact NS Zakelijk customer service by calling +31 (0)30 300 11 11. If you already have an account but lost your login details, you can:
  • request a password if you’re a cardholder
  • request login details if you’re a contact person
What is the difference between a contact person and a cardholder?
There are two types of accounts when it comes to an NS-Business Card:
  • Account for an organisation’s NS contact person
  • Account for employees travelling with NS-Business Cards (cardholders)
A distinction has been made between accounts because contact persons must be able to perform other administrative actions than cardholders. You should use the contact person account if you are responsible for the NS-Business Cards used by your employees/colleagues and for the corresponding admin work, as stipulated in the agreement with NS Zakelijk. Depending on your role, we’ll e-mail you the login details for a contact person or cardholder account. Contact persons log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk using their user name and password. Cardholders log in with their e-mail address and password.
Managing your account
What is possible in Mijn NS Zakelijk?
As a contact person, you can create in Mijn NS Zakelijk:
  • Create Mijn NS Zakelijk accounts for your employees.
  • Add and remove employees, or make address changes. Order and approve NS-Business Cards (optional).
  • Change additional subscriptions or terminate NS-Business Cards. 
  • View and download invoices, specifications and transaction data.
  • Use the 'Mobility Dashboard', where you can view and download (management) reports, for example on costs and CO2 savings.
  • Apply for a duplicate NS-Business Card in case of loss, theft or a defective card.
  • View journeys and add characteristics (such as 'business' or 'private') to journeys and transactions.
  • View company data and agreements.
Manuals/instructions for using Mijn NS Zakelijk
We have instructions for the most common operations in Mijn NS Zakelijk, for both contact persons and cardholders.
  • Instructions Mijn NS Zakelijk for contact persons (2 MB)
  • Instructions on how to approve orders (2 MB)
  • Instructions on how to link department cards (3 MB)
  • Instructions on how to order one or more NS-Business Cards (3 MB)
  • Instructions on how to terminate multiple cards simultaneously (2 MB)
  • Instructions on how to upload and modify multiple cardholders (4 MB)
How do I add employees to a department card?
Do you want to give certain employees (temporary) access to the data of one or more department cards? Then link them together in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Card holders can then, for example, book a taxi themselves and assign (invoice) characteristics to their trips.
Download instructions (pdf)
How do I approve or reject an order from a cardholder of contact person?
Approving of rejecting orders is an option in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You use this option if your employees can order their own NS-Business Card (with any additional subscription), but need the approval of the contact person.
Download the instructions (pdf)
How can I upload or edit many cardholders at once?
Are you the NS contact person within your organisation? And do you want to quickly add or change a large number of cardholders under one department? We explain how to do this quickly and easily with an Excel template.
Download the instructions (pdf)
How do I order or change my Traject Vrij with split billing subscription?
Want to travel for both business and private purposes with one card? Then the Traject Vrij with split billing subscription is interesting for you. Your employer will reimburse the cost of unlimited travel on an agreed route, such as your home-work journey. You will receive a personal invoice from us for all journeys outside of this route.
  • Instructions to activate the Traject Vrij with split billing subscription
  • Instructions to change your current subscription to the Traject Vrij with split billing (pdf)
How do I cancel multiple NS-Business Cards at once?
As an NS contact person, you can cancel several cards at once. Quick and easy!
Download the instructions (pdf)
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