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Receive personal offers from NS Zakelijk
Many of our business customers receive savings tips and other promotions via e-mail. Are you missing out? Read how to activate these personalised mailings within 2 minutes yourself.
Login Mijn NS Zakelijk
What can you expect?
Invitations to events and webinars. And personal tips on how to save money based on your travel behaviour. Did you know, for instance, that 47% of business travellers without a Dal subscription are better off with this subscription?
In Mijn NS Zakelijk you can arrange this in just 2 minutes.
Step-by-step plan for receiving personalised offers
  1. Log into Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  2. Choose 'Personal information' in the left menu.
  3. Under 'Choose your preferences' you can see which e-mails you are receiving now.
  4. Tick the option 'Yes, I want NS to send me information about relevant discounts and great offers'.
It is that easy!
Frequently asked questions
What is possible in Mijn NS Zakelijk?
As a contact person, you can manage the following in Mijn NS Zakelijk:
  • Create Mijn NS Zakelijk accounts for your employees.
  • Add and remove employees, or make address changes. Order and approve NS-Business Cards (optional).
  • Change additional subscriptions or terminate NS-Business Cards. 
  • View and download invoices, specifications and transaction data.
  • Use the 'Mobility Dashboard', where you can view and download (management) reports, for example on costs and CO2 savings.
  • Apply for a duplicate NS-Business Card in case of loss, theft or a defective card.
  • View journeys and add characteristics (such as 'business' or 'private') to journeys and transactions.
  • View company data and agreements.
What are the benefits of a Dal subscription for me?
During off-peak hours you get a 40% discount on your train journeys. Do you, like 90% of all business travellers, sometimes travel outside peak hours or at the weekend? You'll save money with only 1 trip per month!
Suppose you travel once a month from The Hague CS to Amersfoort and back during off-peak hours. You will save €8.28 with the Dal subscription.
Without the Dal subscription
  • € 32.40 for the ticket
  • € 0.00 fixed monthly costs
  • € 32.40 total monthly costs
With the Dal subscription
  • € 19.44 for the ticket
  • € 4.68 fixed monthly costs
  • € 24.12 total monthly cost
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Where do I go for questions?
Can't work it out? Or do you have a question about our emails? Please use our contact form or call our Customer Service center on 030 300 11 11.