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This page contains the frequently asked questions on traveling by train and other means of transport.
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Changing classes
Changing classes temporarily
You can easily change classes in the NS app, Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS ticket machine. For 1 trip, all day long, for a fixed period time, or permanently.
Change classes up to 15 minutes after you check in via the NS app
  • You can change classes before or after you check in, provided you do so within 15 minutes of checking in.
  • The change is only valid on NS trains.
  • You can make and reverse the change several times a day.
  • You can also change back using the NS app.
  • The app will show you whether you have an active class change.
  • Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
  • In the NS app, go to ‘Mijn NS’ to see your NS-Business Card and options, including ‘changing class’.
Download the NS-app.
Changing classes with Mijn NS Zakelijk
  • You have three options: an open-ended class change, a class change for today only, or a class change for a specific date/time.
  • You can request a class change 24 hours a day by going to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • Make sure to change classes before checking in.
  • The change is only valid on NS trains.
  • In Mijn NS Zakelijk, you can see whether there is an active class change.
  • You cannot cancel the change on an NS ticket machine.
  • Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Changing classes on the ticket machine
  • Follow the instructions on the ticket machine.
  • Any class changes made on the ticket machine will automatically remain valid until 4:00 the following morning. You can also reverse class changes on the machine.
How do you permanently change your subscription from 1st to 2nd class?
To permanently change to 2nd class, change the class of your season ticket by going to ‘Mijn NS-Business Card’ - ‘Change season ticket’ in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Class change not visible at check-in
If you changed classes in the NS app, Mijn NS Zakelijk or on a ticket machine, it will not show up when you check in. This is because the class change is only registered in our systems, not on the card itself. That’s why you will not see a class change on a check-in post, gate or ticket machine. Instead, you will always see the original class.
The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
The supplement will be charged in arrears and appear on your Mijn NS Zakelijk travel history and your invoices. If you have an active class change to 1st class, you will also see the end date.
Checking in and out
How do I book and use door-to-door services, such as OV-fiets, Check's shared scooter or a shared car?
See the instructions of all our door-to-door services
I forgot to check-in. What should I do?
Haven't boarded the train yet?
Forgot to check in right after passing the check-in gates or posts? Try to check in with your NS-Business Card before you board the train. If you do not check in in advance, you may be charged a correction fee, depending on your season ticket.
Good to know when checking in
  • Check in at the right check-in post or gate: if you’re travelling with NS, check in with NS; if you’re travelling with Arriva, check in with Arriva.
  • When checking in, make sure to do so at the right side of the gate.
Already in the train?
If you’re already on the train when you realise that you forgot to check in, please let the conductor know.
Missed Check-out Service
We have a special service that will automatically correct missed check-outs up to 5 times a year. If you forget to check out with your NS-Business Card, you will be charged a correction fee. With this service, NS will help you avoid this fee. There are two ways to check out retrospectively:
  1. If we are at least 80% confident that we know where you missed your check-out, we’ll automatically correct it.
  2. If we’re not 80% sure, we’ll send you an e-mail notification to let you know you forgot to check out and invite you to correct your trip yourself in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
Please note: the Missed Check-out Service only works with NS trips. You can have missed check-outs corrected with our Missed Check-out Service up to 5 times a year. You can't disable the Missed Check-out Service. Here’s how we automatically correct missed check-outs If we made a mistake correcting your check-out, please contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service.
Using the Missed Check-out Service with a department card
You can also use the Missed Check-Out Service with a department card. With department cards, we’ll send an e-mail notification to the Cardholder Contact.
For which NS-Business Cards does the Missed Check-out Service apply?
For NS-Business Cards without a season ticket, NS-Business Cards with a Dal season ticket and NS-Business Cards with a Traject Vrij season ticket. In the latter case, we will credit the correction fee and will not charge a fare. The Missed Check-Out Service also works on department cards. With these cards, we’ll send an e-mail notification to the Cardholder Contact.
When can I correct a missed check-out?
With the NS-Business Card, you can submit a correction request in Mijn NS Zakelijk from 9 days after your trip. The difference between the correction fee and the actual fare will be offset with your next invoice.
When do I receive an e-mail on my missed check-out?
In the event of a missed check-out that we cannot automatically rectify using the Forgotten Check-out Service, we will send you as a cardholder (or cardholder contact, in the case of a departmental card) a notification by e-mail. This notification states that you can correct your journey yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk. This service only applies to a forgotten check-out during train journeys with NS.
Missed check-out with another carrier
If you checked in with another train carrier (e.g. you checked in with Arriva but are travelling with NS) and you realise before boarding an NS train, make sure to check out with the other carrier and check in with NS. If you’ve already boarded the NS train, please let the conductor know. Visit this website to request a refund from the other carrier.
I forgot to check out. What should I do?
No need to worry! We have enabled our Missed Check-out Service on all our cards by default.
If we can predict where your trip ended:
We’ll change the fare automatically and send you an e-mail.
If we’re not sure where your trip ended:
We’ll also send you an e-mail, so you can correct your trip yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
5 corrections per year
You can correct up to 5 missed check-outs per NS-Business Card per calendar year. Automatic corrections made by the Missed Check-out Service or manual corrections made in Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS app all count. After 5 corrected check-outs, you’ll no longer receive a notification. After that, only the NS Zakelijk Customer Service Department will be able to correct your missed check-out. NS is not required to honour your request.  Please note: the Missed Check-out Service only works with NS trips.
What are the correction rates for a missed check-in or check-out?
The fees may differ per subscription. All correction fares can be found here.
International train travel
Can I travel internationally with my NS-Business Card?
Yes, you can. You can book international train tickets via Mijn NS Zakelijk easily and quickly, without paying any additional costs.
Read more on international travel.
Which international trains (like Thalys, Eurostar and ICE International) can I take?
With your NS Business Card you can travel on account with, among others, these international trains:
  • Thalys (Paris)
  • ICE International (Brussels)
  • Eurostar (London)
  • Intercity Brussels
  • Intercity Berlin
Book your tickets via your Mijn NS Zakelijk account, so your booking will be paid for on your NS-Business Card invoice afterwards. Read more about traveling by international train
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