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This page contains the frequently asked questions on traveling by train and other means of transport. What do you want to know?
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Changing classes
Changing classes temporarily
You can easily change classes in the NS app, Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS ticket machine. For 1 trip, all day long, for a fixed period time, or permanently.
Changing classes via the NS app
You can arrange a class change before or after you have checked in. This can be done up to 15 minutes after checking in.
You can arrange a class change in a few steps:
  1. Go to the NS app.
  2. Choose 'More' at the bottom right of your screen and then 'My NS'. Is your NS-Business Card not yet linked to the app? Read how to link your card.
  3. As you scroll down, you will automatically see the class in which you travel. You can change this to 1st class.
You can also deactivate the class change via the NS app. Or several times a day and turn it back on again.
Tip: do you often want to change class? On the home screen of the NS app, choose 'Add Widget' and then 'Class change'. This way you can arrange your class change directly and extra quickly.
Good to know about arranging a class change via the NS app:
  • The class change is only valid on NS trains.
  • Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
  • Don't have the NS app yet? See how to download the app.
Changing classes via Mijn NS Zakelijk
You can choose between three options: an open-ended class change, a class change for today only, or a class change for a specific date/time. Requests can be made 24 hours a day, but always arrange the change before you check in.
A class change can be arranged in a few steps:
  1. Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk. Don't have an account yet or have you lost your login details? Find out how to activate your account or request login details.
  2. Under 'Directly arrange' choose 'Request a class change'.
Good to know about arranging a class change via Mijn NS Zakelijk:
  • The change is only valid on NS trains.
  • You cannot cancel the change on an NS ticket machine.
  • Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
Changing classes on the ticket machine
Follow the instructions on the ticket machine. Any class changes made on the ticket machine will automatically remain valid until 4:00 the following morning. You can also reverse class changes on the machine.
How do you permanently change your subscription from 1st to 2nd class?
To permanently change to 2nd class, change the class of your season ticket by going to ‘Mijn NS-Business Card’ - ‘Change season ticket’ in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Class change not visible at check-in
If you changed classes in the NS app, Mijn NS Zakelijk or on a ticket machine, it will not show up when you check in. This is because the class change is only registered in our systems, not on the card itself. That’s why you will not see a class change on a check-in post, gate or ticket machine. Instead, you will always see the original class.
The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
The supplement will be charged in arrears and appear on your Mijn NS Zakelijk travel history and your invoices. If you have an active class change to 1st class, you will also see the end date.
Checking in and out
I forgot to check-in. What should I do?
Haven't boarded the train yet?
Forgot to check in right after passing the check-in gates or posts? Try to check in with your NS-Business Card before you board the train. If you do not check in in advance, you may be charged a correction fee, depending on your season ticket.
Good to know when checking in
  • Check in at the right check-in post or gate: if you’re travelling with NS, check in with NS; if you’re travelling with Arriva, check in with Arriva.
  • When checking in, make sure to do so at the right side of the gate.
Already in the train?
If you’re already on the train when you realise that you forgot to check in, please let the conductor know.
I forgot to check out. What should I do?
No need to worry! We have enabled our Missed Check-out Service on all our cards by default.
If we can predict where your trip ended:
We’ll change the fare automatically and send you an e-mail.
If we’re not sure where your trip ended:
We’ll also send you an e-mail, so you can correct your trip yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Corrections can be made up to six months after the date of travel.
5 corrections per year
You can correct up to 5 missed check-outs per NS-Business Card per calendar year. Automatic corrections made by the Missed Check-out Service or manual corrections made in Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS app all count. After 5 corrected check-outs, you’ll no longer receive a notification. After that, only the NS Zakelijk Customer Service Department will be able to correct your missed check-out. NS is not required to honour your request.  Please note: the Missed Check-out Service only works with NS trips.
When can I correct a missed check-out?
With the NS-Business Card, you can submit a correction request in Mijn NS Zakelijk from 9 days after your trip. The difference between the correction fee and the actual fare will be offset with your next invoice.
Missed Check-out Service
We have a special service that will automatically correct missed check-outs up to 5 times a year. If you forget to check out with your NS-Business Card, you will be charged a correction fee. With this service, NS will help you avoid this fee. There are two ways to check out retrospectively:
  1. If we are at least 80% confident that we know where you missed your check-out, we’ll automatically correct it.
  2. If we’re not 80% sure, we’ll send you an e-mail notification to let you know you forgot to check out and invite you to correct your trip yourself in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
Please note: the Missed Check-out Service only works with NS trips. You can have missed check-outs corrected with our Missed Check-out Service up to 5 times a year. You can't disable the Missed Check-out Service. Here’s how we automatically correct missed check-outs If we made a mistake correcting your check-out, please contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service.
For which NS-Business Cards does the Missed Check-out Service apply?
For NS-Business Cards without a season ticket, NS-Business Cards with a Dal season ticket and NS-Business Cards with a Traject Vrij season ticket. In the latter case, we will credit the correction fee and will not charge a fare. The Missed Check-Out Service also works on department cards. With these cards, we’ll send an e-mail notification to the Cardholder Contact.
When do I receive an e-mail on my missed check-out?
In the event of a missed check-out that we cannot automatically rectify using the Forgotten Check-out Service, we will send you as a cardholder (or cardholder contact, in the case of a departmental card) a notification by e-mail. This notification states that you can correct your journey yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk. This service only applies to a forgotten check-out during train journeys with NS.
Using the Missed Check-out Service with a department card
You can also use the Missed Check-Out Service with a department card. With department cards, we’ll send an e-mail notification to the Cardholder Contact.
Missed check-out with another carrier
If you checked in with another train carrier (e.g. you checked in with Arriva but are travelling with NS) and you realise before boarding an NS train, make sure to check out with the other carrier and check in with NS. If you’ve already boarded the NS train, please let the conductor know. Use this form to request a refund from the other carrier.
What are the correction rates for a missed check-in or check-out?
The fees may differ per subscription. All correction fares can be found here.
Refund in case of delay
How can I claim a refund for delays?
We understand how irritating it is to experience a delay on your train journey in the Netherlands, so we offer a refund for delays of 30 minutes or more.
If you have traveled with your NS-Business Card, you can do so in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Choose 'Travel history' and then search for the journey in question. Once found, request a refund.
Group travel discount
What is Co-travel discount?
With Co-travel discount you can give up to three fellow travelers a 40% discount on their train fare during off-peak hours. Giving Co-travel discount is something you are entitled to if you have a Dal Voordeel, Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij, OV Vrij or Traject op Maat subscription on your NS-Business Card. Or if your organization uses the NS-Business Collectief.
Wanneer mag ik met mijn NS-Business Card Samenreiskorting geven?
Je kunt Samenreiskorting aan maximaal drie medereizigers geven als je op je NS-Business Card één van de volgende abonnementen hebt staan: 
  • Dal Voordeel  
  • Traject Vrij  
  • Trein Vrij  
  • OV Vrij  
  • Traject op Maat 
Of als je organisatie gebruikmaakt van het NS-Business Collectief.  
Hoe geef ik Samenreiskorting?
Als je Samenreiskorting wilt geven, dan hoef jij niets te doen. Je medereiziger zet vóór het inchecken Samenreiskorting aan in Mijn NS via de NS-app, laadt de korting op de OV-chipkaart via de NS-kaartautomaat of koopt een Samenreisticket op Belangrijk om te weten is dat Samenreiskorting voor je medereiziger(s) alleen geldig is als je met elkaar in dezelfde treincoupé reist.
Meer informatie over het aan- en uitzetten van Samenreiskorting vind je op
What door-to-door services can I use?
The NS-Business Card gives you - besides train, bus, tram and subway - access to the following door-to-door services:
  • OV-fiets
  • Guarded bicycle storage
  • Electric shared bikes of TIER
  • Check shared scooters
  • Deelauto's van Greenwheels
  • P+R parking (car parks next to railway stations)
  • International train travel
  • Taxi
Please note: the actual services you as a cardholder are entitled to use, depend on the agreements between your employer and NS. Only the NS contact person in your organisation can switch door-to-door services on and off.
This agreement lays down which services have been activated (and for whom). For example, you may be able to use all our services, whereas an employee of another organisation may only be able to travel by train, bus, tram, metro and OV-fiets. To find out which services have been activated for your NS-Business Card, check out your Mijn NS Zakelijk account:
  1. Log into Mijn NS Zakelijk for cardholders and click on 'My NS-Business Card'.
  2. Check whether a service is on or off. Good to know: 'on' means you can use the service. You only pay when you actually use the service.
  3. If a service is off, ask your employer to turn this service on in Mijn NS Zakelijk for Contact person under 'Manage cards and cardholders' or do this yourself as a enterpreneur.
Do you use NS Go?
Then you can add the service yourself in the system.
Can I also use bus, tram and metro with my NS-Business Card?
If your employer has given permission, you can indeed also travel by bus, tram and metro with your NS-Business Card. You travel on account: this means you check in and out with all transport companies without any worries. And you (your organisation) receive the invoice afterwards.
Discover all door-to-door services
Can my employees also travel by bus, tram and metro, or with any of the door-to-door services? And does this count as a travel day?
Yes, employees can also travel by bus, tram, and metro, and other door-to-door services. This does not count as a travel day. Only train journeys on the purchased route count when determining the number of travel days.
BudgetZeker BTM subscription
Does your employee travel a lot with public transport? For a fixed amount per year your employee travels by bus, tram or metro with all transport companies in the Netherlands. The BudgetZeker BTM subscription is sold in 3 tariff bundles. Small, Medium and Large, depending on the travel behaviour of your employee.
Can I rent an OV-fiets with my NS-Business Card?
If your employer has given permission, you can indeed hire an OV-fiets (bicycle) with your NS-Business Card. You do not need a subscription and do not have to pay on the spot. In the NS-app, you can see the current availability at all stations with OV-fiets.
Read more on the OV-fiets
Where can I rent an OV-ebike?
The OV-ebike is available for rent at the stations of Driebergen-Zeist, Arnhem, Groningen and Maastricht.
Check the NS app, using the 'Near me' tab, to view the current locations and the number of available OV-ebikes.
Read more about the OV-ebike
How do I rent a TIER electric share bike with my NS-Business Card?
If you want to book a TIER bike, you do so through the NS app. As a cardholder, do you already have your NS-Business Card linked to the NS app? Then follow the steps below.
  1. Go to the NS app.
  2. Choose 'Nearby me' at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap an available TIER bike and go for 'Ride with TIER'.
  4. Activate your ride when you are near the bike.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions.
You can end the ride at any time in the NS app. Just make sure you park your bike in one of the designated parking zones.
Haven't linked your NS-Business Card to the NS app yet? Read how to do that here.
As a self-employed person, can I use a TIER electric share bike right away?
Yes, you can. Good to know: do you have more than five NS-Business Cards in use as a entrepreneur? Then turn on the 'Shared e-bike' service in Mijn NS Zakelijk for Contact person. You can do this under 'Manage cards and cardholders' and then 'Show search results'.
As an employer, how can I make TIER available to my employees?
You can arrange this in Mijn NS Zakelijk:
  1. Log into Mijn NS Zakelijk for Contact person.
  2. Go to 'Manage cards and cardholders'.
  3. Select 'Show search results'.
  4. For each card number, turn on the 'Shared e-bike' service.
  5. Done!
  6. Is it not possible to make changes? Then the service 'Shared e-bike' still needs to be enabled on the agreement. To do this, send an e-mail to your account manager at NS Zakelijk or to Sales Support at They will be happy to help you.
Do you use NS Go?
Please contact your NS Go contact.
How do I pay for a TIER ride?
You can do that with your NS-Business Card linked to your account in the app. The trips made with TIER appear monthly in arrears on your NS-Business Card invoice.
How are TIER trips displayed on the invoice?
The trips made with a TIER electric share bike will show up on your NS-Business Card invoice each month. You will find them under the heading 'Deur-tot-deurdiensten' and then 'Elektrische deelfiets'.
In the invoice specification we give a further description such as date of travel, location of pick-up and duration of travel.
You will find all trips made within 24 hours of the trip in Mijn NS Zakelijk or - if your organization uses this - in your overview in NS Go.
Can I use my NS-Business Card to park my car?
If your employer has given permission, you can indeed use your NS Business Card to park with discount or for free at the P+R parkings at the NS stations.
Discover all P+R parking possibilities
Can I book a Greenwheels shared car with my NS-Business Card?
If your employer has given permission, you can easily book a Greenwheels shared car. You will find them at more than 2300 locations throughout the Netherlands, including around 130 NS railway stations.
Want to know more about booking a Greenwheels shared car and the cost? Go to
In which cities can I find the shared scooter?
You can find the shared scooters from Check in:
  • Amersfoort
  • Amstelveen
  • Amsterdam
  • Breda
  • Den Haag
  • Diemen
  • Enschede
  • Groningen
  • Hilversum
  • Leeuwarden
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Zwolle
For the current service area, look in 'Near me' tab in the NS-app, at the bottom of the menu.
How can I make the shared scooter available to my employees?
As the contact person for the NS-Business Cards within your organisation, you can see in Mijn NS Zakelijk (log in as contact person, i.e. with your user name) whether "Check e-scooter" is available for your organisation:
  • Look in the menu under 'Company details'
  • Click on 'Details' behind the agreement number of your organisation
  • You will now see which door-to-door services are available for your organisation. Is Check e-scooter not available? Please mail to to make sure your employees can also use the e-scooter.
  • Is the e-scooter available for your organisation? Then you can arrange that all employees with an NS-Business Card or part of your employees can rent the e-scooter, whereby rides will be charged afterwards via the NS-Business Card invoice. To do this, go to 'Manage cards and cardholders' in the menu on the left. Find all cardholders and change the door-to-door services (in this case: the e-scooter) for all cardholders at once. Or manually select only certain employees for whom you will make the e-scooter available.
More on our shared scooter
As an entrepreneur, can I use the shared scooter immediately?
Yes, for entrepreneurs, the door-to-door service 'shared scooter' is already 'on' on the NS-Business Card*. You do not have to take any action yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk. All you have to do is register with Check by downloading the Check app and filling in/supplying the requested details. You can then easily search for and reserve shared scooters via the NS app (under 'In de buurt' in the menu).
*You can check this by looking up your NS-Business Card in Mijn NS Zakelijk (log in as contact person). Here you can also see which other door-to-door services are 'on'. You can also turn services 'on' or 'off' here.
How much does renting a shared scooter cost?
Renting a shared scooter costs € 0.33 cents per minute, with a starting rate of € 0.75 cents (as of Jan. 1, 2024: € 1). The parking rate is € 0.10 cents per minute (as of Jan. 1, 2024: € 0.15 cents).
What do I need to rent/drive a shared scooter?
  • To drive an e-scooter, you need a motorcycle (type A) and/or car (type B) license or moped certificate.
  • Park your e-scooter within the service area and in the place where regular scooters are also parked.
  • If wearing a helmet is mandatory, there are two helmets in a case on the scooter. On a scooter with blue license plate (max speed 25 km/h) a helmet is not mandatory, on a scooter with yellow license plate (max speed 45 km/h) it is.
Why don't I see the 'NS-Business Card' payment method in the Check-app?
This could be because you have registered with Check before and therefore need to update the app. If an update does not work, you can remove and reinstall the app. If this also does not work, please contact NS Customer Service.
How are shared scooter trips displayed on the invoice?
In the transaction overview of the NS-Business Card invoice (to be found in Mijn NS Zakelijk, when logged in as contact person), you will see the following when an shared scooter ride is charged:
  • Category: 'Deur-tot-deurdiensten'
  • Product code: '5021'
  • Product name: 'Deelscooter'
International train travel
Can I travel internationally with my NS-Business Card?
Yes, you can. You can book international train tickets via Mijn NS Zakelijk easily and quickly, without paying any additional costs.
Read more on international travel.
Which international trains (like Eurostar and ICE International) can I take?
With your NS Business Card you can travel on account with, among others, these international trains:
  • ICE International
  • Eurostar
  • Intercity Brussels
  • Intercity Berlin
Book your tickets via your Mijn NS Zakelijk account, so your booking will be paid for on your NS-Business Card invoice afterwards. Read more about traveling by international train
Single-use train tickets
Can I buy a large number of single-use train tickets at once?
Yes, you can! Via the NS Ticket Desk you can buy between 200 and 20,000 train tickets at once. Useful if you're inviting people to an event, for example.
Discover how to order your tickets
Wat kan ik als zakelijke reiziger in de NS-app?
Met de NS-app op zak ga je goed voorbereid op reis. Je leest er praktische informatie over je reis en boekt deur-tot-deurdiensten zoals de Check deelscooter, Greenwheels-deelauto, TIER-deelfiets en internationale trein. Ook kan je locaties van en drukte op P+R terreinen inzien.
Eventuele vertragingen, drukke treinen... Met de app weet je altijd wat er gebeurt op uw traject. En kun je je reisplanning aanpassen óf upgraden van 2e naar 1e klas in de trein.
How do I link my NS-Business Card to my account in the NS app?
If you want to give someone a Co-travel discount, view your business journeys, or book a door-to-door service, you can do all of these things in the NS app. To do so, you need to make sure that your NS-Business Card is linked to your account in the NS app. We explain how to do that as a cardholder below:
  1. In the app, go to ‘Mijn NS’ via ‘More’. 
  2. Choose ‘Log in’. 
  3. Click ‘Business’ and enter your e-mail address and password. 
  4. Link your NS-Business Card. 
If you have more than one card linked to your account in the NS app, then select your NS-Business Card as the favourite.
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