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Right of withdrawal for Gesplitst Betalen
The right of withdrawal for an NS-Business Card with Gesplitst Betalen: what is it, how does it work and what are the conditions?
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Cancellation period 
With the Gesplitst Betalen service, you are entitled to a 14-day cancellation period. If you change your mind within that time, you can cancel the Gesplitst Betalen service and dissolve (revoke) the agreement with NS without giving any reasons. This is called the right of withdrawal.
The cancellation period starts the day after the commencement date. You can find the commencement date in the e-mail confirmation of your order.
How do you exercise your right of withdrawal?
If you decide you do not want to use the Gesplitst Betalen service, simply contact our Customer Service during the cancellation period and mention that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. To contact NS Customer Service, call 030 - 300 11 11 (24/7) or send an email.
You can also submit the Right of Withdrawal template form, but this is not mandatory.
When is the Gesplitst Betalen service terminated? 
Once you have notified NS that you are invoking your right of withdrawal, we will retroactively terminate the Gesplitst Betalen service as of the commencement date.
If you have notified us that you are exercising your right of withdrawal, you may no longer use the NS-Business Card that you used with the Gesplitst Betalen service. If you want to order a different subscription for the NS-Business Card, please request a new NS-Business Card when ordering the subscription.
You may, but are not obliged to, return the NS Business Card to us. We recommend that you destroy the card and throw it away. Please note that if your NS Business Card is used by you or someone else after you have invoked your right of withdrawal, you will be charged for all costs related to that use.
Right of withdrawal after travelling
When ordering the Gesplitst Betalen service, you requested NS to activate it during the cancellation period so that you could use the Traject Vrij or Traject op Maat subscription with the Gesplitst Betalen service. If you incurred costs during the cancellation period by, for example, using public transport beyond your fixed route or by using door-to-door services, you will be charged accordingly.
Terminating linked subscriptions
Please note that if you exercise your right of withdrawal in respect of the Gesplitst Betalen service, the linked Traject Vrij or Traject op Maat subscription (and any other subscriptions) taken out by your employer will also end automatically. This subscription (and any other subscriptions) will not be terminated retroactively, but will end on the day you exercised your right of withdrawal. In that case, your employer will pay the subscription costs on a pro rata basis until the day you invoked the right of withdrawal.