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Business travel for all your employees
No matter how your employees like to travel, NS will get them from door to door. By subway, train, OV-fiets or any other mode of transport. With the NS-Business Card, you’ll have endless opportunities at your fingertips.
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The advantages of NS Zakelijk
Just one invoice
All your employees’ trips are billed in arrears on one monthly invoice, which you can easily view in the Mijn NS Zakelijk portal. How’s that for clarity.
The NS-Business Card is free. You only pay for the trips your employees take. You can always upgrade to a subscription.
Cancellable monthly
You can cancel NS-Business Cards with a subscription every month. You can also switch to a different subscription every day.
NS is a leader in sustainable transport. All our trains run on green electricity. Shared cars and other supplementary transport are electric wherever possible. And NS helps your organisation to render its mobility policy more sustainable. Make going green more appealing by giving your employees freedom of choice. The bicycle or train instead of the car. Or working from home every now and then.
NS has 180 years of experience in mobility and is the largest mobility provider in the Netherlands.
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CO2 reporting required from 2024
On Jan. 1, 2024, the 'Besluit CO2-reductie werkgebonden personenmobiliteit' in the Netherlands will come into effect. Organizations with 100 or more employees will have to report data on commuting and business mobility from then on.
What does this regulation mean for your organization and how do you comply? Find out in our free whitepaper (in Dutch).
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Reasons for choosing the NS-Business Card
  • Manage everything in 1 account. Manage your cards and subscriptions in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Invoices, reports and trips: it all comes together here.
  • The NS-Business Card is free. If your employees don't travel, we won't charge any costs. And you can always upgrade to a subscription.
  • Planning from door to door. The NS-Business Card is complemented by the NS app. This app gives employees travel information about their entire journey from door to door. They can also quickly book additional services such as a taxi or OV-fiets with the app.
Order your own free NS-Business Card(s) with or without a subscription.
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If you and/or your employees travel more often by public transport, then a subscription to your NS-Business Card is advantageous. You can use all the features of an NS-Business Card and have lower costs due to a fixed monthly subscription fee.
Tip: as a enterpreneur at the bottom of this page, you read about the difference with the NS Flex subscription.
  • The advantages of the NS-Business Card without a monthly subscription fee
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Dal Voordeel
  • 40% discount on off-peak NS travel
  • 40% discount on weekends + holidays
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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Traject Vrij
  • Unlimited travel on a fixed route
  • 40% discount on other routes during off-peak hours
  • 40% discount on other routes on weekends + holidays
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
Rate depends on route
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Trein Vrij
  • Unlimited train travel
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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OV Vrij
  • Unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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Traject op Maat
The go-to flexible, affordable subscription for employees who travel on a fixed route for an average of two to three times a week. The rate is determined in arrears every month, based on how many days your employees actually travelled on the route.
Discover Traject op Maat
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Need help making the right choice?
Not sure which subscription suits you, your individual employees or your organization? Or do you deal with different travel styles? Our selection guide will find out for you in just a few steps.
Help me choose
The NS-Business Card a great tool that saves employers as well as employees a lot of time - and therefore money.
Laurie van Dalen, HR officer at Crossphase
Laurie van Dalen, HR Officer & Coordinator AcademyCrossphase
Read the experiences of Crossphase
Anonymous cards
If several employees will be using public transport at different times, anonymous cards can be useful. This way, your employees can get from A to B flexibly. Depending on the situation, they can use their own car, or travel by public transport. There are two types of anonymous cards: department cards and company cards.
Department Card
Department cards are not tied to an individual and can be used by all members of a team. You can order department cards as long as your organisation has agreed to make these available for employees. You can order the card with or without a Dal subscription. You can then assign the department cards to the employees who will travel with the card.
Company Card
The company card takes anonymity one step further. The process is similar to ordering a department card. Simply select a department card and leave the name of the department blank. This NS Business Card (with or without a Dal subscription) will then be registered in the general name of your company.
Frequently asked questions
A free NS-Business Card. How does it work?
Ordering an NS-Business Card is free. You pay nothing for the card. If you don't use the card, you don't pay anything. Only when you use the card or put a subscription on it will the costs be charged on a monthly invoice.
The NS-Business Card with or without subscription. How does it work?
The NS-Business Card is a travel card with which you check in and out in public transport and at our door-to-door services. Your employer receives the invoice afterwards. It is not a subscription (because you only pay for the journeys you make): it is a card that you use to travel.
Do you regularly travel by train on the same route? Or outside peak hours? Then a subscription is almost always more advantageous. Your employer can easily add a subscription to your NS-Business Card. This is completely optional and flexible to activate, change or cancel.
With an NS-Business Card without subscription you can travel just like with an OV-chipkaart, only you will not get a discount on the fare.
More on the NS-Business Card
How can I request one or more NS-Business Cards online? And what do I need?
You can order a maximum of 5 NS-Business Cards online at the same time. After your first order, you can add/order unlimited cards in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Important to know: to order online, you must be able to make an IDEAL payment of € 0.01 for verification.
Do you want to order more than 5 NS-Business Cards immediately? Then use the application form.
Do I have to activate my NS-Business Card before using it?
Whether you have ordered an NS-Business Card with or without a subscription; you do not need to activate this before use. Easy!
Deducting VAT on business, commuting or private travel expenses
Business travel expenses
You can always deduct VAT on business expenses such as business transportation and business travel.
Commuting expenses
You cannot always reclaim VAT on your commuting expenses, as transportation plans and subscriptions are considered benefits in kind. You can reclaim VAT on subscriptions with a maximum price of € 227 per year. This is lower than the average price of a subscription. This is all governed by the Input Tax Deduction (Exclusion) Decree. It always pays to discuss your situation with your tax advisor.
Private travel expenses
This includes public transport tickets and employees using their private vehicles. Employees using company vehicles for private purposes are subject to VAT rules. For more information, visit the website of the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration or consult your tax advisor.
Can I travel internationally with my NS-Business Card?
Yes, you can. You can book international train tickets via Mijn NS Zakelijk easily and quickly, without paying any additional costs.
Read more on international travel.
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