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Traject op Maat
Hybrid working is here to stay. We decide from day to day whether we work at home or at the office. That is why NS introduces the Traject op Maat subscription. For modern employers who want to take advantage of flexible working.
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You pay with Traject op Maat in arrears, based on your employee's travel behavior. This amount can vary monthly.
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What is Traject op Maat?
Traject op Maat: a flexible and inexpensive subscription for employees who travel a fixed route 2 to 3 times a week on average. Where with our other subscriptions (such as Traject Vrij and Trein Vrij) a fixed amount is paid per month, with Traject op Maat you pay afterwards, based on the travel behaviour of the employee. This means that the amount can vary each month, depending on the number of days on which the employee travelled on the route (or part of the route) with the NS-Business Card that month.
The advantages
  • A flexible solution: you pay monthly in arrears on the basis of the employee's travel behaviour
  • 40% discount on off-peak journeys during off-peak hours
  • 40% Co-travel discount during off-peak hours for up to three fellow travellers. Read more about Co-travel discount
  • Available with an Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij subscription for the Schiphol Airport -Rotterdam Centraal route and vice versa
  • The subscription can be cancelled daily as of one month
Who is the Traject op Maat subscription for? 
The NS Business Card with a tailored route subscription is interesting if:
  • Your employees travel to a fixed location on average two to three days a week
  • Your organisation purchases a minimum of 30 NS-Business Cards
Traject op Maat with Gesplitst Betalen (split payment)
Your employee benefits privately from all the advantages of the NS-Business Card, while the organisation only pays the costs of use on the fixed route. The invoice for travel costs outside the fixed route goes directly to the employee.
Frequently asked questions
What are the main benefits of Traject op Maat?
  • A low-cost subscription for travelling 2 to 3 days a week on a fixed route. 
  • A flexible fare combined with budget assurance.
  • 40% discount on journeys outside your route, outside peak hours.
  • 40% Samenreiskorting in off-peak hours for 3 fellow travellers.
  • Traject op Maat can be cancelled daily after one month.
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Who is Traject op Maat meant for?
Traject op Maat is intended for organisations with more than 30 NS-Business Cards that are looking for a solution for the home-work journey of employees who no longer travel to the office 4 to 5 days a week. Do employees travel 2 to 3 days a week on a fixed route? Then Traject op Maat is a good and inexpensive choice.
How do I order/change to Traject op Maat?
To order Traject op Maat, please contact your NS account manager. If you do not (yet) have an NS account manager, you can do this via the button at the bottom of this page. 
After this contact, the Traject op Maat subscription will be added to your agreement with NS and will also be available in Mijn NS Zakelijk. From that moment, you can order Traject op Maat as an employer. You can also choose to allow employees to order Traject op Maat themselves in their own Mijn NS Zakelijk account. (Please note: this is only possible if the agreement with NS states that employees can order and change subscriptions themselves).
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Can I also order Traject op Maat in combination with Gesplitst Betalen?
From the end of 2021, we offer the possibility to purchase Traject op Maat in combination with Gesplitst Betalen (split payment). Your employee will then travel from door to door throughout the Netherlands with one card. Your employee will pay the invoice for travel costs outside the route directly to NS.
When does the subscription period for Traject op Maat start?
As an employer, you can decide when the subscription starts when ordering Traject op Maat. The subscription period does not have to cover an entire calendar month.
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What is the notice period for the Traject op Maat subscription?
After the first contract month, Traject op Maat can be cancelled daily. This is similar to other subscriptions offered by NS Zakelijk.
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I would like to use Gesplitst Betalen. My employees already have a Traject op Maat subscription. Can NS implement the changes in bulk for my employees?
No, unfortunately this is not possible because the cardholder will be invoiced directly. The card holder enters into a contractual relationship with NS and must therefore agree to the product conditions. 
Can my employees also travel by bus, tram and metro, or with any of the door-to-door services? And does this count as a travel day?
Yes, employees can also travel by bus, tram, and metro, and other door-to-door services. This does not count as a travel day. Only train journeys on the purchased route count when determining the number of travel days.
BudgetZeker BTM subscription
Does your employee travel a lot with public transport? For a fixed amount per year your employee travels by bus, tram or metro with all transport companies in the Netherlands. The BudgetZeker BTM subscription is sold in 3 tariff bundles. Small, Medium and Large, depending on the travel behaviour of your employee.
Can employees still change classes during their travels?
Employees can change from 2nd to 1st class just before or during the journey. This change can be made just before check-in or up to 15 minutes after check-in.
What counts as a travel day?
To determine the number of travel days, only the number of days on which the journey was made (by train) on the purchased route is taken into account. Travel outside the route or with other means of transport is not taken into account.
Can employees also travel outside their fixed route with Traject op Maat?
Yes, employees can also travel outside their fixed route. During peak hours, the regular fare applies. During off-peak hours, a 40% discount on the regular fare applies when travelling with NS and other train operators. 
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Can employees view individual transactions/trips online?
Yes, this can be done via Mijn NS Zakelijk. Or via the NS Go portal, if your organisation uses this.
Does it matter if my employees travel during peak or off-peak hours?
No, this is not relevant for journeys on the route and the calculation of the tailor-made price. When travelling outside the route, different fares do apply for peak and off-peak journeys.
How does the price structure of Traject op Maat work?
This is partly determined by the length of the chosen route, in combination with the number of days in the month on which your employee travelled on the fixed route. 
Traject op Maat distinguishes six categories: 0 to 8 travel days', '9', '10', '11', '12' or '13 or more travel days'. In this way the costs are always in proportion to the travel behaviour.
Example for the route Amsterdam Centraal - Utrecht Centraal*.
0 to 8 travel days: € 108.63
9 days travelled: € 130.35
10 days travelled: € 152.08
11 days of travel: € 173.80
12 days travelled: € 195,53
13 days or more travelled: € 217,25
* amounts are excl. VAT
How are trips outside the fixed route charged for?
Trips outside the fixed route will be charged separately. The regular fare applies during peak hours. In the off-peak hours, a discount of 40% applies to travel with both NS and other train operators. As with our Traject Vrij subscription, these will be shown separately on the invoice.  We will wait approximately 10 days before calculating/determining the fare to be paid in order to include any late journeys on the route in the price calculation.
Tailor-made itinerary in combination with Split payment
Trips outside the fixed route will be charged directly to the employee. The amount due will be debited from the employee's private account by direct debit about 3 working days after the invoice date.
I would like to use Gesplitst Betalen. How is it ensured that the invoice is collected directly from the cardholder?
The cardholder logs in to Mijn NS Zakelijk and orders his Traject op Maat in combination with the service Gesplitst Betalen. During this ordering process, the cardholder agrees to various sets of general terms and conditions, including the NS-Business Card Product Conditions. The cardholder also authorises direct debit.
During the ordering process, the cardholder must check his personal details and bank account number and complete these where necessary.
Hoe kunnen mijn medewerkers Traject op Maat met Gesplitst Betalen bestellen?
Wij hebben hiervoor een handleiding opgesteld. Volg de stappen in deze handleiding om (als medewerker) Traject op Maat met Gesplitst Betalen te bestellen.
What is visible on the invoice of Traject op Maat? Only the categories or also the specific number of trips?
The invoice lists only the categories that have been invoiced against.
When will I receive the invoice? Is this different from my other NS products?
No separate invoice is sent for Traject op Maat. Your organisation therefore receives one invoice with all the costs of the purchased products.
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