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Business travel with a Greenwheels car

With a Greenwheels car at more than 1,700 locations, there is always a car available near you.

Always a car near you with Greenwheels

With a Greenwheels car at more than 1,700 locations, there is always a car available near you, so you can choose between the train and the car without being obliged to use one or the other, depending on your destination, your fellow travellers and the purpose of the journey. To book a Greenwheels car, simply log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Benefits of a Greenwheels car

  • You can travel to an appointment with several other people
  • Flexible
  • Choose between car and train
  • More than 1,700 locations throughout the country, including 90 NS stations
  • With your NS-Business Card, you can rent a car for a special NS rate.

Useful information

  • When you log into  Mijn NS Zakelijk , you can easily see where the nearest Greenwheels is to the location you provide.
  • Before you can use Greenwheels, you must sign up for the service. New registrations are processed within 2 hours.
  • If you would like to arrange for a Greenwheels car near your company, ask your NS Zakelijk account manager to explore the possibilities with you.
  • Especially for NS-Business Card holders, Greenwheels has developed a mobile website with which you can make and manage reservations.

Booking and driving a Greenwheels car

  • Log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk
  • Go to 'Direct regelen', 'Greenwheels boeken'
  • Select a time and location and enter the information requested
  • Open the Greenwheels car by holding your NS-Business Card in front of the card reader
  • You need a Greenwheels pin code to start the car. You entered the pin code when you registered for Greenwheels, but if you have forgotten your pin code, you can request it again at Mijn NS Zakelijk under 'personal information'.


  • No deductible
  • No season ticket costs
  • Hourly rate of € 8 and maximum rate € 88 per day
  • 80 kilometres free, including fuel

For more than 80 kilometres, you pay 0.30 cents per kilometre, including fuel.

Permission to use door-to-door services

In order to use door-to-door services you must have permission from your employer. Ask the NS contact person at your company what your options are.

In addition, you must give one-off permission to share your NS-Business Card information with our door-to-door partners. You can do this via Mijn NS Zakelijk (in Dutch).