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Use the OV-fiets. The accessibility of industrial estates and offices by car is often limited, especially during rush hour. By using the OV-fiets, you can avoid parking difficulties and save money thanks to the affordable rates. Besides, cycling is healthy and CO2 neutral!

The benefits

  • A healthy and fast way to get to your final destination.
  • You can rent 2 bicycles with 1 card at more than 300 locations.
  • You receive a clear invoice afterwards.

How does it work?

Renting an OV-fiets at the bicycle storage facility

  • Show your NS-Business Card to an employee. You will be given the bicycle once your NS-Business Card and the bar code on the key have been scanned.
  • When you return the bicycle, the employee will scan the key again.
Bicycle storage

OV-fiets from a bicycle locker

  • Insert your NS-Business Card into the card reader.
  • The bicycle locker will open when you insert the card and agree to rent an OV-fiets.
  • When returning your OV-fiets, insert your NS-Business Card into the card reader again. After indicating that you are returning the bicycle, place it in the locker.
Bicycle locker


  • You only pay for use of the bicycle
  • The price for an OV-fiets is € 3.85 for 24 hours.

Permission to use door-to-door services

In order to be able to use door-to-door services, you must give one-off permission to share your NS-Business Card details with our door-to-door partners. You can do this via Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Within your company, you require permission from your employer. Ask the NS contact person about your options.