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OV-fiets for NS-Business Card holders

The OV-fiets is an attractive option for business passengers with an NS-Business Card. Your employees or visitors can quickly cycle from the station to their destination, for work, to visit customers or to attend a meeting.

Take advantage of the OV-fiets

The OV-fiets is convenient to use during working hours. Particularly during rush hour, the accessibility of industrial estates and offices by car is limited. By using the OV-fiets you do not take up any parking space, which may be scarce and costly, and you save money thanks to the affordable price. But above all, the bicycle is a healthy and carbon neutral mode of transport. You can use the OV-fiets for business travel using your NS-Business Card or via other mobility providers.

Getting the OV-fiets out of the bicycle locker

  • In order to get a bicycle out of its locker, you must insert your NS-Business Card into the card reader.
  • The bicycle locker opens when you have inserted your card and are given permission to rent an OV-fiets.
  • When returning the OV-fiets, you insert your NS-Business Card into the card reader again. After indicating that you are returning the bicycle, you place it back in the bicycle locker.

OV-fiets rental at the storage area

  • Show your NS-Business Card to a member of staff. You receive the bicycle once your NS-Business Card and the barcode on the bicycle key have been scanned.
  • The member of staff will scan the key again when you return

Permission to use door-to-door services

In order to use door-to-door services, you require permission from your employer. Ask the NS contact person within your company about your options.

You are also required to give us permission to share your NS-Business Card information with our door-to-door partners. You can do this via Mijn NS Zakelijk.

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