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Taxi for your business journey

A taxi is a fast and convenient way to get to your next appointment and to make your journey more comfortable. You can book a taxi in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Benefits of travel by taxi

  • Taxis are available throughout the Netherlands
  • You decide when and where you would like the taxi to pick you up
  • No need to pay in advance, because with the NS-Business Card you travel on account
  • Book your trip easily by telephone or via Mijn NS Zakelijk

Booking a taxi

If you would like to book a taxi online, log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk, then select ‘Taxi boeken’ (Book a taxi). Next, select the option ‘Direct boeken’ (Book today) for a new reservation. Or you can call 0900 - 2042000. Keep your NS-Business Card number ready.

If you select the time ‘zo snel mogelijk’ (as soon as possible), the taxi should arrive within 30 minutes. Your taxi will wait at the appointed location for 5 minutes. If you would like to book a taxi between 1.00 and 7.00, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance.

If you would like to use a taxi for private travel, you can use your OV-chipkaart to book the NS Zonetaxi.

Permission to use door-to-door services

In order to use door-to-door services you must have permission from your employer. Ask the NS contact person at your company what your options are.

In addition, you must give one-off permission to share your NS-Business Card information with our door-to-door partners.  You can do this via Mijn NS Zakelijk, or via Preferences.