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Cardholder and contact person

We have made a list of the most frequently asked questions about cardholders, the contact person and the management report.


Documentation for cardholders

What can you arrange yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk as a cardholder? View all manuals.

Overview of cardholders (card type/route)

In Mijn NS Zakelijk, under the ‘manage cards and cardholders’ tab, the contact person at your company can download an overview.

Contact person

Getting in contact

A contact person can get in contact with the account manager or Account Support employee for any questions.

Contact person invoicing

The contact person can view the invoicing within your organisation in the account.

Adding contact persons

It is possible to add a central contact person, a contact person for cardholders and a contact person for invoicing from your organisation. To do this, contact NS Zakelijk Customer Services.

Cost centres or personnel numbers

When creating new cardholders or making changes to existing cardholders, the contact person within your organisation can add cost centres or personnel numbers

Changing an address

Report changes in address to the Kamer van Koophandel. Once the change has been processed, please get in contact with NS Zakelijk Customer Services

Management report

What is a management report?

Mijn NS Zakelijk enables the contact person to view management reports about previous journeys. This provides insight into distance travelled in kilometres, costs of using the NS-Business Card and the savings your organisation has realised by using public transport.

Download management report

The contact person within your organisation can download the management report from the NS Zakelijk portal.