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Mijn NS Zakelijk

Mijn NS Zakelijk is an online environment in which you can manage all of the aspects of the NS-Business Card, such as:

  • Ordering new NS-Business Cards
  • Viewing invoices or changing season tickets
  • There is also a Mijn NS Zakelijk environment for the NS-Business Card holders, where the card holder can book journeys and view invoices.

Arrange everything online in Mijn NS Zakelijk

Arrange everything for the NS-Business Card in Mijn NS Zakelijk

Mijn NS Zakelijk for contact persons

Mijn NS Zakelijk is a secured online environment for managing your company's business travels with the NS-Business Card.

Mijn NS Zakelijk for card holders

With a Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you can view your travel history, edit data or book door-to-door services.

Ordering in Mijn NS Zakelijk

You can easily order NS-Business Cards and supplementary season tickets online.

Contract with NS Zakelijk

If your company uses the NS-Business Card, then your contract with NS has no expiration date. Some companies meet with the NS account manager each year to discuss the terms and conditions of the contract.

Invoicing and payment

The contact person for NS within your company can view invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk and download specific details.

Journeys and transactions

In Mijn NS Zakelijk you can see which journeys have been made with NS and with other carriers for each card number. Check ins and check outs with NS become visible in Mijn NS Zakelijk within half an hour.

Convenient travel from door to door with the NS-Business Card

Instructions for Mijn NS Zakelijk

Download the Mijn NS Zakelijk instruction PDFs below