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Your partner for all travel costs for all colleagues
Busy with expense reports and loose receipts.... Do you also want to spend your time more usefully? With the NS-Business Card, all travel expenses of all colleagues appear on one invoice afterwards. Every month. Whether they travel by train, bus, tram, OV-bike or shared car. Ready to get on board with us?
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Also discover the convenience of the NS-Business Card
The NS-Business Card ensures that you and your colleagues can spend time more usefully:
No more separate declarations
All travel made by colleagues comes afterwards on a monthly VAT invoice. If they don't travel, you don't pay either.
Less administrative work
Colleagues no longer have to advance and declare expenses. And as a result, finance or HR does not have to deduct separate travel expenses from salary.
No balance charge
Your colleagues have access to any means of transport with the NS-Business Card. Without having to load their balance. Whether they choose the train, bus, streetcar, OV-bike, shared car or P+R.
Ordering an NS Business Card
The NS-Business Card is free and can be ordered in just a few steps. If you want advice on your business mobility, our mobility experts are happy to help.
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NS-Business Card for all your transportation
Your colleagues don't just use the NS-Business Card for the train. They can also travel by bus, use the card to park and continue on the OV-fiets.
Discover all possibilities
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Ordering an NS-Business Card
All travel costs of all colleagues on one invoice every month. Very convenient. Order one or more NS-Business Cards free of charge. Ready to get on board with us?
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