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Your partner in moving forward sustainably
Traveling by train and other public transport, ideal for those emails you never got around to. But also sustainable and useful for your organization's CO2 reporting. From 1 July 2024, organizations with 100 or more employees must travel as sustainably as possible and record and report all mileage. Complicated? No, NS Zakelijk helps you. Ready to get on board with us?
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Here's how NS Zakelijk helps you with CO2 reporting
NS Zakelijk is your partner in moving forward sustainably. We help you as an organization to travel more sustainably and to comply with laws and regulations. Without making it difficult. Do you want to be on the right track with CO2 reporting? Then discover our NS-Business Card and mobility platform NS Go.
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NS-Business Card as a mobility card
With the NS-Business Card, your colleagues travel to and from their destinations using sustainable means of transportation. All travel expenses of all those colleagues come on one invoice. Every month.
We arrange a report for you that includes all commuting and business kilometers with the NS-Business Card. Handy for the CO2 reporting obligation.
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Mobility platform NS Go
We combine travel with the NS-Business Card with, among other things, kilometer registration on a platform. All trips that your colleagues make with our card, as well as trips with their own cars and bicycles, are automatically entered into NS Go. NS Go produces a report of this that immediately satisfies the CO2 reporting requirement. So you're very well on your way. After all, you only have to share the reporting, nothing more.
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Free white paper CO2-rapportageplicht
Organizations with 100 or more employees must record and report commuting and business mileage annually starting July 1, 2024. In that registration, a split between means of transport and fuel types is required. Want to know more about the CO2 reporting requirement and what you need to do to do this?
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