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Ordering and terminating NS-Business Cards
Both contact persons and cardholders can order NS-Business Cards and additional season tickets, depending on which agreements have been made. To order or terminate an NS-Business Card, go online and log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
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Ordering in Mijn NS Zakelijk for cardholders
If you are authorised by your organisation, you can order your own personal NS-Business Card in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Depending on what agreements NS has with your organisation, your order may have to be approved by the contact person first before being forwarded to NS. You will receive an automatic e-mail stating the date from which you can order an NS-Business Card, as well as a link to a personal Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
Ordering in Mijn NS Zakelijk for cardholders
Personal NS-Business Card
As your organisation’s contact person, you can approve orders for a personal NS-Business Card or order an NS-Business Card on behalf of an employee. The employee will then receive a confirmation e-mail and can track their order in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can order 1 or more cards at the same time.
Department Card
Department cards are not tied to an individual. So the card can be used by all the members of a department, but one person at a time. If your organisation has agreed to make a department card available to its employees, you can order the card from Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can order a department card with or without a Dal subscription. You can also link department cards to the employees who will be using it to travel, which gives them access to Mijn NS Zakelijk, so that they can label their trips for easier invoicing.
Please note that as a contact person, you can only order a department card if your organization has at least five people listed with the KVK.
Passport photo
For NS-Business Cards with a Traject Vrij or Trein Vrij subscription, we require a passport photo. You can upload the photo in Mijn NS Zakelijk. If you’ve given NS permission to reuse your employee’s passport photo, you can reuse old passport photos.
Delivery time
You’ll receive your card or cards at the specified address within 10 working days. You can track your delivery in Mijn NS Zakelijk. If you have the card delivered to your company, please remember that your organisation may also take some time to process mail. If you did not get your NS-Business Card on the specified date, please contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service.
Terminating an NS-Business Card
As an authorised cardholder or contact person, you can cancel an NS-Business Card. First, you will have to request termination in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Next, go to an NS ticket machine or another OV-chipkaart pickup point. We’ll tell you exactly what to do in the confirmation of your termination request. After finalising the termination at a ticket machine, the NS-Business Card will be terminated as of the specified termination date.
Mijn NS Zakelijk Portal
If you use or your organisation uses the NS-Business Card, you get access to an online service portal. In Mijn NS Zakelijk, you can view your personal details and trip history, make changes or book services. If you are your organisation’s official NS contact person, you can also order and manage cards in Mijn NS Zakelijk, as well as modifying season tickets and viewing or downloading invoices.
How do I access Mijn NS Zakelijk?
As soon as your organisation enters into an agreement with NS or you order an NS-Business Card online the first time, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail inviting you to create an account.
Contact person, cardholder or both?
You might like to know that there are two types of accounts when it comes to an NS-Business Card:
  • Accounts for contact persons within an organisation
  • Accounts for people travelling with NS-Business Cards (cardholders)
A distinction has been made between accounts because contact persons must be able to perform other administrative actions than cardholders. Depending on your role, you will receive an e-mail with the login details for a contact person or a cardholder account. Note: If you’re an entrepeneur, you’ll get access to both accounts, because you’re both the contact person for your organisation and a person using the NS-Business Card to travel. We recommend that you use only the contact person account, as this will give you access to the most features and means you will only have to activate one account.
Mijn NS Zakelijk account with department cards
If you use a department card, your organisation’s NS contact person will create an account for you. You will then receive a link to activate your own Mijn NS Zakelijk account. If you already have an active Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you’ll find both the department card and your personal NS-Business Card in the account.
What is the difference between a contact person and a cardholder?
There are two types of accounts when it comes to an NS-Business Card:
  • Account for an organisation’s NS contact person
  • Account for employees travelling with NS-Business Cards (cardholders)
A distinction has been made between accounts because contact persons must be able to perform other administrative actions than cardholders. You should use the contact person account if you are responsible for the NS-Business Cards used by your employees/colleagues and for the corresponding admin work, as stipulated in the agreement with NS Zakelijk. Depending on your role, we’ll e-mail you the login details for a contact person or cardholder account. Contact persons log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk using their user name and password. Cardholders log in with their e-mail address and password.
I can’t login in Mijn NS Zakelijk/ I’ve lost my login details
If you have a personal NS-Business Card but can’t log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk, you may not have activated your account yet. Activate your account first before logging in. If you’re your organisation’s contact person and do not have an account yet, contact NS Zakelijk customer service by calling +31 (0)30 300 11 11. If you already have an account but lost your login details, you can:
  • request a password if you’re a cardholder
  • request login details if you’re a contact person
What can I do in Mijn NS Zakelijk?
Are you your organisation’s contact person?
As a contact person, you can manage employee details, sign up new employees, update address details, order, modify and/or cancel season tickets, request replacement cards and view invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can also:
  • Create Mijn NS Zakelijk accounts for your employees.
  • Add and delete employees, or make address changes. Order and approve cards (optional).
  • Change additional subscriptions or terminate NS-Business Cards.
  • View and download invoices, breakdowns and transaction data.
  • Request a replacement NS-Business Card if your card no longer works or if it was lost or stolen.
  • Request a refund after a delay for department/company cards by using the Refund after a delay form.
  • View trips and add labels to trips and transactions.
  • Review company details and agreements.
  • View and download management reports.
Do you use your NS-Business Card to travel (cardholder)?
As a cardholder, you have access to your own details and travel details and can do the following in Mijn NS Zakelijk:
  • Request a refund after a delay.
  • Correct a missed check-in or check-out.
  • Manage your personal details.
  • Order an additional season ticket (if your employer has authorised you to do so).
  • Request a class change (you can also use the NS app).
  • View your trip history and add labels (you can also use the NS app).
  • Book door-to-door services (you can also use the NS app).
Manuals/guidance on how to use Mijn NS Zakelijk
We have guidance for contact persons and cardholders for the most common actions in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Deactivating my account
When your NS-Business Card has been cancelled, your organisation’s NS contact person can deactivate your cardholder status in Mijn NS Zakelijk. When you’ve been deactivated as a cardholder, your organisation will no longer see your details. You can keep accessing your own data in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account for as long as you wish.