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Mijn NS Zakelijk for card holders

With a Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you can view your travel history, edit data or book door-to-door services.

Manage your business travels in Mijn NS Zakelijk

Mijn NS Zakelijk is your personal business online environment in which you can easily manage your NS-Business Card information. As a card holder, you can:

  • view your travel history and add comments;
  • request a refund for delays;
  • report when you forget to check in or out;
  • request a class change;
  • manage your personal information;
  • order a supplemental season ticket.

Registering for a Mijn NS Zakelijk account with a personal NS-Business Card

As an NS-Business Card holder, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to activate your Mijn NS Zakelijk account. If you cannot find the e-mail with the link, then you can re-send a request for access to Mijn NS Zakelijk. Request a Mijn NS Zakelijk account (NS-Business Card) using your e-mail address. You will receive a mail with a password that allows you to log in. If you lose your password, you can always request a new password.

Requesting a Mijn NS Zakelijk account with an NS-Business Card for the whole department

If you use a department NS-Business Card, then the NS contact person at your company can create an account for you. You will then receive a link with which you can activate your own Mijn NS Zakelijk account. If you already have access to your own account, then you will be able to view the department card in addition to your own NS-Business Card.

NS contact person at your company

As the NS contact person within your company, you can add and delete card holders in Mijn NS Zakelijk, as well as:

  • enter address changes;
  • order and approve cards, including multiple NS-Business Cards at the same time;
  • view company information and agreements;
  • add characteristics to journeys and transactions;
  • view and download invoices, specifications and transaction information;
  • request duplicates in event of loss, theft or defects;
  • change season tickets or cancel NS-Business Cards.