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The all-in-one solution for corporate mobility
Mobility is a challenging issue for many companies. You want to offer your employees flexibility and freedom of choice. At the same time, you need a solution for your sustainability goals. For that, you require insight into travel behaviour. At NS, we offer insights and solutions that go beyond train travel. That’s how we provide a custom, optimised mobility policy to meet all your needs.
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The advantages of NS Zakelijk
With NS transport services, your employees always travel sustainably from door to door. This enables you to respond flexibly to diverse travel needs as an employer.
Custom mobility solutions
Soon organisations will have to offer insight into the number of kilometres travelled per employee. Mobility is becoming more complex. At NS, we take this complexity into account. We cater to your organisation's needs as well as changing laws and regulations. That way, we offer tailor-made mobility advice.
NS is a leader in sustainable transport. All our trains run on green electricity. Shared cars and other supplementary transport are electric wherever possible. And NS helps your organisation to render its mobility policy more sustainable. Make going green more appealing by giving your employees freedom of choice. The bicycle or train instead of the car. Or working from home every now and then.
Economical travel
We offer a range of products that makes travelling more economical. Our services can be tailored entirely to your organisation. Regardless of whether your employees are constantly on the move or only travel occasionally, whether they always take the same route or travel throughout the country.
Insight & oversight
  • The NS app gives employees information about the entire door-to-door journey. They can also quickly book additional services such as a taxi or OV-fiets.
  • In the Mijn NS Zakelijk portal you can view invoices and reports. You can also order (extra) cards, change subscriptions and specify who is allowed to use which door-to-door services. Your employees get a personal account.
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Mobility of tomorrow

Diving deeper into the world of mobility? Get inspired!
Woman checks departures at the train platform
Save CO2 on your mobility (whitepaper, in Dutch)
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Vrouw met fietshelm bij een station
Whitepaper 'Hybrid working and flexible travel' (in Dutch)
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Curious about the possibilities of NS Go-start for your organization?
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Vrouw checkt in met NS-Business Card
Save operating costs with flexible travel
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VAT on public transport
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NS Business Card - General
Mobility all-in-one
Hybrid working is a reality: sometimes your employees want to work from home, at other times at the office. Or they might start the day by working from home, after which they meet a client during off-peak hours. For this they want to be able to travel by different means of transport, without too much administrative hassle. With NS Go, your employees travel flexibly and sustainably. As an employer, you facilitate freedom of choice, while controlling costs and minimising administration. In addition, NS Go offers a solution for registering tax changes, such as the CO2 reduction.
An all-in-one MaaS (Mobility As A Service) provider, NS Go aims to further your mobility goals. From development to implementation and optimisation. That way, we can achieve a future-proof mobility policy for your organisation.
Request a demoDiscover NS Go
Why NS Go?
  • You are ready for a hybrid policy
  • You save administration time and money
  • You stimulate sustainability and vitality
  • You work with a reliable partner
More products
NS-Business Collectief
Take out subscriptions for unlimited travel by train or public transport for 30 or more employees to get a group discount. The NS-Business Collectief is a flexible, affordable collective contract. The rates are adjusted based on recent travel behaviour every quarter.
Discover NS-Business Collectief
Traject op Maat
The go-to flexible, affordable subscription for employees who travel on a fixed route for an average of two to three times a week. The rate is determined in arrears every month, based on how many days your employees actually travelled on the route.
Discover Traject op Maat
Other subscriptions
The NS-Business Card is free. You simply add a subscription to gain extra benefit. Do your employees only travel by train or also with other services? During rush hour or outside of it? We have a suitable subscription for every situation.
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The right transport for every trip

Share scooter
Green wheels
OV Fiets
International train
Our travel options
Make travel time your time. Get some work done, or relax with a book on your way home. Flexible choices for 1st or 2nd class.
Discover the trainSee all our modes of transport
Want to know more?
Curious about the possibilies NS Zakelijk can offer you and your organisation? Or do you have questions about sustainable mobility? Request a mobility scan or consult an NS advisor.
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NS-Business Card en telefoon
Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between NS Flex and the NS-Business Card?
NS Flex
NS Flex is our subscription for consumers. You travel on account and therefore do not need to add any balance to your card. You check in and out with your OV-chipkaart.
Read all about NS Flex
NS-Business Card
The NS-Business Card is our mobility card for business travellers. Also with the NS-Business Card you travel on account and do not need to add any balance to your card. You can place various business subscriptions on your NS-Business Card.
Here are four key benefits of an NS Business Card
  • Invoicing including VAT
  • Flexible payment term of 30 days to suit your organisation
  • You travel door-to-door with one card. Simply switch from bus to train, from metro to OV-bike, and from tram to shared car. Or use your NS-Business Card to park your car at a P+R car park and continue your journey by public transport. All costs appear afterwards on a invoice.
Read all about the NS-Business Card
What door-to-door services can I use?
The NS-Business Card gives you access to the following door-to-door services:
  • Greenwheels shared cars
  • Check shared scooters
  • P+R parking (car parks next to railway stations)
  • OV-fiets and guarded bicycle parking facilities
  • International train travel
  • Taxi
  • NS International Lounges at the train stations of Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam
Please note: the actual services you as a cardholder are entitled to use, depend on the agreements between your employer and NS. Only the NS contact person in your organisation can switch door-to-door services on and off.
This agreement lays down which services have been activated (and for whom). For example, you may be able to use all our services, whereas an employee of another organisation may only be able to travel by train, bus, tram, metro and OV-fiets. To find out which services have been activated for your NS-Business Card, check out your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
What is the notice period for an NS-Business Card subscription?
In general, we carry out a cancellation of a subscription immediately. The card holder must, however, 'collect' the termination from the ticket machine. It may take up to 30 minutes from the moment the season ticket is terminated before the termination can be collected from the ticket machine.
Is your organisation a corporate client of NS? Then our Sales Support department will handle the termination for you.
How long am I tied to the Dal subscription?
After the first month, you can cancel your Dal subscription daily or change to a different one.
For example, if you know that you won't be travelling for a few weeks, you can change to the NS-Business Card without a subscription for that period (if you don't travel, you don't pay). Or maybe you will be travelling a fixed route more often anyway. Then the Traject Vrij subscription is probably more advantageous for you. How's that for flexible!
Can I travel internationally with my NS-Business Card?
Yes, you can. You can book international train tickets via Mijn NS Zakelijk easily and quickly, without paying any additional costs.
Read more on international travel.
What are the main benefits of Traject op Maat?
  • A low-cost subscription for travelling 2 to 3 days a week on a fixed route. 
  • A flexible fare combined with budget assurance.
  • 40% discount on journeys outside your route, outside peak hours.
  • 40% Samenreiskorting in off-peak hours for 3 fellow travellers.
  • Traject op Maat can be cancelled daily after one month.
Read more on the Traject Op Maat subscription
I have a different question
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
The quality management (9001) and information security (27001) of our services related to the NS-Business Card comply with internationally recognised standards. So you can be sure that quality, improvement and information are successfully secured and guaranteed.
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