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Bus, tram and metro

Travel throughout the Netherlands on the bus, tram and metro. All of your travel is charged to your account; you simply check in and out with all carriers, and receive an invoice afterwards. Your public transport travel has never been easier!


  • Travel easily by checking in and out with all carriers.
  • You no longer need to top up your balance!
  • Pay for all of your journeys afterwards using the NS-Business Card invoice. No separate invoices for the various carriers.
  • Insight into your journeys is always available via Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Travel by bus, tram and metro

Budget Zeker BTM subscription

If you travel frequently on the bus, tram and metro, and already have a Traject Vrij [Any Route] subscription, then the Budget Zeker BTM subscription might be a good option for you. For one fixed amount, you can travel on bus, tram and metro services run by any transport company in the Netherlands. Budget Zeker BTM is available in three rate bundles: small, medium and large. Simply select the one that suits your travel needs the best!