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Using our door-to-door services: how it works
Did you know your NS-Business Card gives access to much more than public transport? These are the options for door-to-door travel - on account:
  • Bicycle: rent an OV-fiets or OV-ebike. Or park your own bike at a guarded storage.
  • Scooter: rent a Check shared scooter.
  • Car: rent a Greenwheels shared car, park at a P+R parking with discount of book a taxi.
Check all door-to-door services
Door-to-door services Mijn NS Zakelijk
Step 1
Check which services you can use
Your employer decides which door-to-door services you can use. Are you self-employed? Then of course you determine that yourself. Log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk and click on 'My NS-Business Card'. Then you will see what is 'On' or 'Off' for you.  Note: 'on' means you are authorized to use the service. You only pay when you use a service.
Is there a service you want to use, but it is 'off'?
Then ask your employer if the service can be 'on' for you. Your employer can arrange this with one click in Mijn NS Zakelijk, under 'Manage cards and cardholders'. 
Step 2
Prepare yourself
How to reserve and use your car, scooter or bike is explained below. In any case, make sure you: 
  • Have your NS Business Card with you.
  • Have the NS app on your phone. 
  • Have access to your My NS Business account.
  • Have the Check app on your phone if you want to rent a scooter. 
Step 3: read how it works
Below you can read briefly for each provider how the reservation process works. Click on the link for a more detailed step-by-step plan.
P+R parking
  1. Drive onto the parking site.
  2. Pay on departure with your NS-Business Card.
Read more about P+R
Greenwheels shared car
  1. Log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  2. Go to Greenwheels and fill in the form. It can take up to 2 hours to register. 
  3. With the information Greenwheels emails you, you can reserve and use a car. 
Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk
Discover Greenwheels
There are 3 ways to book a taxi:
  1. Book via Mijn NS Zakelijk: log in, go to taxi and fill in the request form.
  2. Book by phone: 0900 - 204 20 00. Have your NS-Business Card handy. 
  3. Book via the NS App. Via the menu option 'more' you can book a taxi.
Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk
  1. Go to the bike shed or locker at the station.
  2. Scan your NS-Business Card when picking up your bicycle.
  3. Scan your card again when returning it.  
Read more about OV-fiets
Discover the OV-ebike
Check shared scooter
  1. Download the Check-app for Android or Apple and create an account.
  2. Use the NS-app to open Check and to make your reservation in the Check-app.
  3. Choose payment method ‘NS-Business Card’.
Discover the shared scooter
Stap 4
Enjoy your ride
Travel easily to your destination and return your vehicle to the right place if necessary. Your employer (or yourself if you are self-employed) will automatically receive the invoice for your trip.  
Questions about our door-to-door services?
Check our frequently asked questions or contact our customer service. You can reach us day and night at +31 30 300 11 11
Frequently asked questions
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