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Business travel by metro
The NS-Business Card makes it easy to travel by metro. You travel on account, so check in and out with all the transport companies and receive an invoice at the end of the month. This offers even more convenience!
Traveling by metro
  • Convenient travel by checking in and out with every transport company. 
  • You don’t have to top up your balance!
  • You can pay for all your travels at the end of the month via the NS-Business Card invoice. No separate invoices for different transport companies.
  • Always have access to your travel history online via
    Mijn NS Zakelijk.
BudgetZeker BTM (Bus, trein, metro) subscription
Do you travel a lot by train, bus, tram and metro? Do you already have a Traject Vrij subscription? In that case, the BudgetZeker BTM subscription may be the right choice for you. Travel with any public transport company via bus, tram and metro for a fixed annual amount. BudgetZeker BTM is sold in 3 rate packages: small, medium and large. Choose the package that best suits your travel habits!
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