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Ordering or terminating an NS-Business Card

Depending on previous agreements, the contact person at your company or the card holder is responsible for ordering the NS-Business Card and any supplemental subscriptions. The termination of NS-Business Cards and the termination of subscriptions are also arranged online in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Ordering in Mijn NS Zakelijk as a card holder

If you have been granted authorisation by your company, then you can order a personal NS-Business Card yourself via Mijn NS Zakelijk. Depending on previous agreements, the order will only be sent to NS after approval by the contact person at your company. You automatically receive an email which specifies the date from which your NS-Business Card can be ordered. You will then receive a link to your personal Mijn NS Zakelijk account.

Ordering in Mijn NS Zakelijk as contact person

Personal NS-Business Card

As contact person at your company, you can approve orders for personal NS-Business Cards, or allow employees to order the cards themselves. Employees will receive a confirmation of the order and can then follow it up in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can order 1 card or multiple cards at the same time.

Department card

This NS-Business Card is not personalised, and can be used by anyone in the department. If the department card is part of the agreed product range for your company, then you can order it via Mijn NS Zakelijk. The department card can be ordered with or without a Dal subscription. You can link the department card to the employees who will use it to travel. This gives them access to Mijn NS Zakelijk, so they can add (invoice) characteristics to their journeys for example.

Company card

If the department card is part of the product range available to your company, then you can also order a company card. When ordering, choose a department card, but do not fill in the name of a department. This NS-Business Card, with or without a Dal subscription, is then registered in the name of your company.


Good to know

Passport photo

NS-Business Cards with Traject Vrij or Trein Vrij subscriptions require passport photos. You can upload the photo in Mijn NS Zakelijk. If NS already has a photograph of the card holder, then this can be reused. Once uploaded, NS passport photos are valid for 20 years.

Delivery time

You will receive the card or cards at your specified address within 14 days. You can follow the delivery date on Mijn NS Zakelijk. Please take account of the postal processing system within your company when estimating the delivery date at your work address. If you have not received the NS-Business Card on the stated date, then please contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service.

Terminating an NS-Business Card

As the authorised card holder or contact person, you can terminate an NS-Business Card. Please request termination of the NS-Business Card via Mijn NS Zakelijk. You must then confirm your termination at an NS Ticket Machine or another OV-chipkaart collection point. You can read about how this works in the confirmation message received following your termination request. As long as the termination is confirmed at a Ticket Machine, the NS-Business Card will be terminated on the termination date that was submitted.