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Business mobility in the Netherlands

Employees want more freedom of choice and flexibility in how they work and how they travel. How do other organisations arrange their business mobility? Let them inspire you!

The costs of employee travel

Do you know what each mode of transportation costs per year, on average? The figures might not surprise you. At almost € 18,000 per year, a lease car definitely earns its 1st place position as the most expensive mode of transportation for employers. Public transport comes in second at € 3,280 per year. A bicycle costs employers an average of € 555 per year.

Source: MT/Workaway

Popular mobility schemes

Every organisation organises mobility in its own way. And yet there are some schemes that are more popular than others. Dutch employers often choose to compensate travel expenses (48%), offer a company car (17%), or have a public transport scheme (11%).

Socially- and environmentally conscious travel

32% of the organisations state that they actively discourage travel by car. One alternative offered is a mobility card that allows employees to combine different modes of transport, such as parking at a P&R, then travelling on by train, tram, or OV-fiets. Faster, more efficient, and often less expensive!

Benchmark Report 2018

You can read about all of this and more in the National Business Mobility Benchmark Report 2018. Learn how 601 organisations from a variety of sectors have designed their mobility policy.

Make optimal use of the NS-Business Card

The mobility choices that an organisation makes are influenced by factors such as cost savings, accessibility and parking, sustainability goals, being a good employer, and employee vitality. In the first NS Zakelijk webinar, organisations such as Arcadis, the City of Apeldoorn and theVolksbank tell more about their mobility policies. Let them inspire you!

NS Zakelijk mobility webinar

Carefree business travel

Employees want to be free to choose the best mode of transportation every day. That is why NS has introduced the NS-Business Card; the ideal business card for all forms of public transport. As an employer, you only pay for the actual journeys made, with an easy-to-read invoice at the end of the month.