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Travelling with Keuzedagen

Keuzedagen let travellers aged 60 and over enjoy even greater discounts on 7 days per year. Eligible travellers over the age of 60 can order Keuzedagen if they have a Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel or Voordeeluren season ticket. Read more about travelling with Keuzedagen here. Unfortunately, NS Flex does not support Keuzedagen.

  • Your Keuzedag is valid all day on weekends and holidays.
  • From Monday to Friday, you can also travel anytime after 09:00, even during the afternoon peak hours. If you have a Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel season ticket, you can also travel before 06:30.
  • 6 of the 7 Keuzedagen are valid for 2 months, and one Keuzedag is valid all year long. The Keuzedagen that are valid for 2 months are always offered in combination with the Keuzedag that is valid for the whole year. So you can choose to use that Keuzedag at any time.
  • When you download your Keuzedag to your OV-Chipkaart, the next journey you make will count as an Keuzedag.

Downloading Keuzedagen

  1. Take your OV-chipkaart to an NS Ticket Machine.
  2. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader to the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select 'Download Keuzedag’.
  4. Select 'Agree’.
  5. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader again, until the screen displays confirmation that the product has been added to your OV-chipkaart.
  6. When you download your Keuzedag to your OV-Chipkaart, the next journey you make will count as an Keuzedag. Remember to check in and out when you travel.

Check if your Keuzedag has been downloaded.

If you would like to see if your Keuzedag has been successfully downloaded to your OV-chipkaart, simply hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader at a gate or check-in post. The screen will show whether you are travelling with a Keuzedag or on balance ('op saldo'). If your Keuzedag has not been downloaded correctly, and the screen shows that you are travelling on balance, then you can cancel your check-in by holding your OV-chipkaart against the gate or post again. You can then go to an NS Ticket Machine and download your Keuzedag as described above.

Don't have any Keuzedagen?

Anyone who is over the age of 60 and has a Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel or Voordeeluren season ticket is eligible to order Keuzedagen. For 7 Keuzedagen, you pay € 25.50 (2nd class) or € 50 (1st class), plus the cost of your season ticket.

Keuzedagen cannot be ordered without a season ticket. You may choose to order them together with your season ticket or add them later via your Mijn NS account, if you already have one of the applicable season tickets. The Voordeeluren season ticket is no longer available, so you can only add Keuzedagen to your existing season ticket via Mijn NS. 

Order paper Keuzedagen tickets for a Voordeeluren season ticket

If you have a Voordeeluren season ticket, and would rather not download your Keuzedagen from an NS Ticket Machine, then you may choose to order Keuzedagen with a single-use chipkaart. However, you will be charged slightly more: you will pay € 35 for 2nd class Keuzedagen, or € 60 for 1st class Keuzedagen. You can order paper Keuzedagen from NS Customer Service by calling 030 - 7515155. Paper Keuzedag tickets are unfortunately not available for Altijd Voordeel or Dal Voordeel season tickets.

1st class travel with Keuzedagen

When travelling with Keuzedagen, you can purchase a 2-1 supplement for € 5 from an NS Ticket machine from Monday through Sunday. Make sure to select your Keuzedag before purchasing the 2-1 supplement.

Purchasing the 2-1 supplement:

  • Place your OV-chipkaart on the card reader of the NS Ticket machine.
  • First select 'change class', before selecting '2-1 supplements.'
  • Select your preferred travel date and pay for the supplement.
  • Place your OV-chipkaart on the card reader again.
  • Your 2-1 supplement has now been charged to your card for the selected day (valid until 4am on the following day).
  • Note: when you check in, you will see 2nd class on the display, but the conductor will be able to see that you purchased a 1st class supplement.

View your Keuzedagen via Mijn NS

Each year, you will receive a letter or e-mail showing your valid Keuzedagen. In your Mijn NS account, you can also see when you travelled using your Keuzedagen, and how many Keuzedagen you still have available:

  1. Log in to your Mijn NS account
  2. Gp to My Products (Mijn Producten)
  3. Select Keuzedagen, Inzien

Changing or cancelling Keuzedagen

Several weeks before the expiration date, you will automatically receive an e-mail or letter informing you that your Keuzedagen will be automatically renewed.

If you wish, you can cancel your Keuzedagen after the first year of your season ticket. You may receive a refund for any unused, valid Keuzedagen. NS will not refund any expired or used optional days. To cancel your Keuzedagen, please call NS Customer Service at tel.: 030 751 51 55.

Refunds for delays

If you experience a delay of 60 minutes or longer during your Keuzedagen travels, then you are entitled to a refund of € 3.50 per day.

Not enough Keuzedagen at the Ticket Machine

If you see that the Ticket Machine shows you have too few Keuzedagen, or none at all, that may be due to one of several reasons:

  1. You may have used all of your Keuzedagen for the year. You start out with a maximum of 7 Keuzedagen: 1 Keuzedag is valid all year, and 6 Keuzedagen can be used every two months. If you order Keuzedagen halfway through your contract year, then you will only receive the Keuzedagen remaining for the rest of your contract. The contract year is not identical to the calendar year.
  2. Your unused Keuzedagen may have expired. Only one of the 7 Keuzedagen are valid all year long. The other 6 are valid only for a two-month period, after which you receive another Keuzedag for the next two-month period. If you do not use your Keuzedag within this period, then it is no longer valid.
  3. The Keuzedag has not yet been added to your account. Keuzedagenare available at the NS Ticket Machine starting from one day before the period during which they are valid.
  4. There may be a technical malfunction. If this is the case, you can call NS Customer Service anytime day or night at 030 - 7515155.
  5. If you see fewer Keuzedagen than you had expected, that may be due to the moment you ordered the Keuzedagen and how long you have already had your contract. For example, if you order Keuzedagen halfway through your contract term, then instead of 6 Keuzedagen, you will only receive 3 Keuzedagen + 1 day that is valid all year long.