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Discover the OV-fiets, the ultimate solution for flexible and convenient door-to-door cycling. Rent an OV-fiets at more than 300 locations in the Netherlands. Enjoy freedom and convenience during your journeys. 

Economical bicycle rental

Whether you are going to an appointment or dinner with friends: take the OV-fiets for the last leg of your journey. Hire an OV-fiets at the station for only € 4.45 per day per bike. You can find them via "Nearby" in the NS app.

And did you know you can rent 2 bikes with one (free) season ticket? All you need is a personal OV-chipkaart. If you have an NS Flex season ticket, Then you don't need to sign up for the OV-fiets season ticket.

How do you rent an OV-fiets?

Rent an OV-fiets for the last leg of your journey.

New OV-fiets lock

How does the new OV-fiets lock work?