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Enjoy the freedom of completing your trip on an OV-fiets! Easily check the NS app to find out how many bicycles are available at the station of your choice. And travel flexibly from door to door.

Economical bicycle rental

Whether you're going to an appointment or to a dinner date wtih friends, why not grab an OV-fiets for the last part of your journey? Rent an OV-fiets from many stations for just € 4.45 per day per bicycle. You can find them by means of the 'In de buurt' ('Nearby') part of the NS app.

You can also rent two bicycles with a single, free season ticket. You just need a personal OV-chipkaart. If you already have an NS Flex season ticket, you don't need to register for the OV-fiets season ticket.

OV-fiets aankomst oma van dijk d-t-d campagne

How does renting an OV-fiets work?

Always mobile with an OV-fiets.

Frequently asked questions

All frequently asked questions about the OV-fiets

New OV-fiets lock

How does the new OV-fiets lock work?