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The invention of the steam engine in 1765 triggered the start of the industrial revolution. The Netherlands refused to be left behind and founded its first railway company in 1837. Since then, it has been hard to picture life without trains. Read more about the emergence of the railway network, developments over the years and how NS became what it is now.

Steam engine on wheels

From steam train to modern NS

Long live the king!

In 1837 the first Dutch railway company was founded

War and mergers

During the First World War the railways were of great strategic military significance

The tide turns

The automobile competed with the train in the 1960s

Autonomy and core tasks (1995 - 2002)

From 2000 the new NS focused on 2 core tasks

Railway utilisation

NS and ProRail are working towards better railway utilisation


Travelling with public transport must become easier and more enjoyable

Documentation and reference material

A wealth of information, in the form of both documentation and images