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People want to be able to move around without having to worry. Fast, safe, simple and at any time. NS wants to make this possible, and does not limit itself to just trains. NS has developed into a comprehensive service provider, enabling its customers to blend social, business and recreational goals seamlessly. This is done by making the journey from door to door comfortable, accessible and efficient and by giving the customer the opportunity to choose 'smart' travel options based on the most recent information.

Convenient travel from door to door

Transferring between the car and the train is an attractive option, because parking at stations and transfer locations is simple, comfortable and safe. At transport hubs, trains connect with cars, buses, trams, metros, taxis and international connections very regularly. NS wants its customers to be able to spend their travel time and time waiting at stations efficiently and pleasantly. All stations, both large and small, maintain the right balance between travel and waiting, and shopping and services. You can use your OV-chipkaart to pay for all forms of travel and to pay in the shops.

The large stations are newly renovated, multifunctional places where you can continue your travels or spend some time. They offer convenience and recreation, and are fully equipped for 2025. Shops are easily accessible, but are not an obstacle to passengers who want to catch the next train. The staff in our shops and bicycle storage areas, as well as the service staff, are always happy to help. Passengers can find their way around easily, even at busy stations and in large crowds.

Smart travel

Smart travel Passengers can complete their journey in the most efficient way possible using public transport, a car or a combination thereof. Smart travel, based on up to date information. NS knows its customers and their current demands. NS actively provides passengers with up to date information that is relevant to them. Mobile services enable passengers to make informed decisions based on their personal requirements at any time. This means that they can do everything necessary while on the move, so that travel time becomes free time. Thanks to the integration of of our information with information from other carriers, it is easy for our customers to travel from door to door. Time savings and comfort can be planned separately and customised. A giant leap forward for users of public transport and motorists. Travel is comfortable. Everything the passenger needs to work, communicate and relax is available. The information system draws attention to promotions, events and travel options, whilst also warns users of disruptions and offers alternative routes. That is, if the user wants it to. Because both the transport system and the associated information services put people first and respect their privacy. Nothing is compulsory, but so much is possible.

Sustainable work and travel

In the year 2025, the train will be the most sustainable mode of transport after the bicycle. Customers make an informed decision to use the train. Passengers feel that NS is the forerunner in the field of sustainable mobility. Companies choose NS in order to improve their green image:

  • The train as a sustainable mode of transport
  • A branch near the station to attract young talent
  • The OV-fietsabonnement as part of mobility policy
  • Flexibility as part of a sustainable lifestyle
  • Smarter and more efficient use of the newest information technology with a new way of working

NS makes flexible working possible at stations. There are work and meeting facilities for groups, as well as for individuals and small-scale entrepreneurs. This includes remote workspaces: as a passenger, you can start working at the station and then take the train after rush hour. The station is becoming a workplace.

Discussions with customers

NS discusses the optimation of its services with its customers, primarily through social media but also via traditional and offline media. This allows us to inform customers earlier if necessary and to make use of our customers' feedback. They make a contribution to the continuous development of our product.

Freedom of movement

Combining convenience and comfort during daily travel, smart mobility, connection of work and home: freedom of movement. An attractive outlook. The materials and technology are already available. In other words: it's possible. NS aims to give this vision form. We strive for sustainable accessibility, working with our partners and involving everyone's knowledge and skills. NS wants to make a bigger contribution to the development of mobility in the Netherlands and create a crucial prerequisite for a dynamic sustainable economy. In 2025 and far into the future. We've been doing just that for 175 years. Join us!


Our society is very diverse. The tension between individual desires and the public interest is growing. Companies that establish a dialogue with their customers, know them well and offer them high quality services are the most successful. Environmental and societal goals are just as important to businesses as economic ones. The ageing of the population has led to a reduction in tempo. A hectic existence makes moments of rest essential. Individual desires and requirements demand the freedom of movement to meet people, work and relax. Convenience, comfort and freedom of choice are of key importance here. It is crucial that information is available everywhere and at all times.

Always close at hand

Stations and trains form a single, interconnected network. More frequent trains and an increase in the number of connections ensure that stations feel close together. People can travel across the border on high speed services. They can meet each other quickly if they agree to meet near the station. We ensure a natural and optimal connection between the station and the city to facilitate this.