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NS Flex, The easiest way to travel on public transport

Yes, I want NS Flex More information

This is NS Flex

  • No balance: carefree check-in and check-out

  • If you happen to forget to check out, we’ll correct it automatically

  • At the end of the month, we’ll send you a single clear-cut bill

Flexible public transport

NS Flex lets you travel on all public transport, so you can take the train, bus, metro or tram whenever you want. And if it’s real cycling weather, why not take an OV-fiets. Or use our guarded storage facility.

Even more benefits

  • Stay on top of your travel costs. Wherever, whenever

    Worried about your monthly bill? Soon, you’ll be able to configure useful alerts, which will notify you once you hit the limit you selected earlier.

  • You decide.

    Crowded train? NS Flex makes switching to 1st class as easy as can be. Up to 15 minutes after checking in.

  • No strings attached

    NS Flex is available with or without a season ticket. You can decide whether you want to travel by train with a discount on a monthly basis. You can cancel NS Flex or adjust your discount every month. Free of charge!

    More about NS Flex season tickets

A quick summary

  • Never top up your balance again

  • Stay on top of your travel costs

  • No strings attached

NS Flex Basis
€ 0 per month

NS Flex comes with a one-off € 10 registration fee

  • If you already have an OV-chipkaart, you’ll be able to travel flexibly within 1 hour
  • If you need a new OV-chipkaart, we’ll deliver one within 1 week

Why are we introducing NS Flex?

Picture of Marit from NS

My journeys are different every month. Sometimes I travel a lot in the weekends, or I catch the train after playing sports. Being able to change my NS Flex season ticket to suit that is great.
Where are you going to go today?

Marit from NS

Not quite sure yet?

  • Which NS Flex season ticket is best for me?

    NS Flex is available with or without a season ticket. NS Flex Basis is the´basic´ option - there are no season ticket costs, you travel without a discount, but you still enjoy the benefits of NS Flex.

    If you travel often by train, then you can choose the discount that best suits your method and frequency of travel. This choice is available to you every month. For example, if you mainly travel during the week in off-peak hours, then Dal Voordeel (Off-peak discount), Dal Vrij (Any off-peak hours) or Altijd Voordeel (Always discount) are good options. If you mainly use the train on the weekend, then Weekend Voordeel (Weekend discount) or Weekend Vrij (Unlimited weekend travel) are available. You can choose various combinations of discounts for travel during off-peak hours, rush hour, the weekend or on public holidays.

    Use the season ticket selector to find out which season ticket is the most economical for your travel needs.

    Start the season ticket selector

  • I already have an NS annual season ticket. Can I switch to NS Flex?

    You can switch at any time to NS Flex, even if you are still in the first year of your annual season ticket.

    You can make the switch in Mijn NS as follows:

    1. Log in to Mijn NS.
    2. Go to ´Stap nu over naar NS Flex´('Switch to NS Flex now')
    3. Click the button ´Direct bestellen´('Order directly')
    4. You will see your old and new season tickets adjacent to each other. Choose ´Stap over naar NS Flex´ ('Switch to NS Flex')
    5. Click the ´Bevestigen´('Confirm') button
    6. Go to the NS ticket machine or an OV-chipkaart pick-up point to put NS Flex on your OV-chipkaart and end your current season ticket at the same time
    7. You can travel on your new season ticket after doing so

    We terminate your current season ticket automatically. If you have already paid for your annual season ticket for the whole year, we will deposit the remaining season ticket amount on your account. If there is still a balance on your card, we will settle this automatically on your NS Flex invoice.

  • Do the Combined Travel Discount and Keuzedagen (Optional days) also apply to NS Flex?

    With all NS Flex discount season tickets, you can have three people travel with you at a 40% discount during off-peak hours. This does not apply to NS Flex Basis, although you can always travel at a discount during off-peak hours with someone who does have an NS season ticket. You can easily activate Combined Travel Discount (Samenreiskorting) via Mijn NS or the NS app. Read more about Combined Travel Discount.

    Keuzedagen (Optional days) are not yet available with NS Flex. We are still in the process of developing an alternative. If you already travel on an annual season ticket on a balance basis with Keuzedagen, you are better off waiting to switch to NS Flex.

  • Does the NS Flex discount apply to other carriers?

    Your NS Flex season ticket discount applies to your train journeys with NS and other rail carriers. When you travel by bus, metro and tram, you pay full fare.

    If you have a discount season ticket for bus, metro or tram, please contact our Customer Service. We can then combine your discount season ticket with your NS Flex season ticket.

    NS Flex comes on a personal OV-chipkaart. You can use this OV-chipkaart to check in and out with other carriers too. Always check out first from NS if you're going to board another carrier, such as Arriva or Connexxion. You will then need to check in with them.

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