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Making changes to season tickets

Your means of travelling may change from time to time, for example due to a house move, new job or because you're commencing your studies. You can change your season ticket every month by logging in to Mijn NS. You can also see right away which season ticket you currently have.

Changing a season ticket in Mijn NS

On the Mijn NS start page, you can see which season ticket you currently have. Any other products on your OV-chipkaart are also listed there, such as season tickets for bus, tram and metro.

You can change your season ticket immediately if you are logged in at Mijn NS.

If you don't yet know which season ticket is best suited to your travel plans, you can find out in just three minutes by using our Selection guide.

  • How do I change my season ticket?

    How to change your season ticket in Mijn NS:

    1. Log in to Mijn NS
    2. Go to ´Bekijk en wijzig abonnement´ ('View and change season ticket')
    3. Select ´Wijzig abonnement´ ('Change season ticket')
    4. Choose another season ticket

    If you don't manage to make the change yourself in Mijn NS, feel free to contact Customer Service.

    Switching from Reizen op saldo (Travelling on balance) to NS Flex

    If you have a Reizen op saldo (Travelling on balance) season ticket, you can change it to an NS Flex season ticket. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Mijn NS
    2. Select 'Stap nu over naar NS Flex' ('Switch to NS Flex now')
    3. Click the button ´Direct bestellen´ ('Order now')
    4. You will see your old and new season tickets alongside each other. Select ´Stap over naar NS Flex´ ('Switch to NS Flex')
    5. Click the´Bevestigen´ ('Confirm') button

    Go to the NS ticket machine or an OV-chipkaart service point to activate your new season ticket and end your old season ticket simultaneously.

    Please note: Combining NS Flex with other products

    • Keuzedagen (Optional days): you're better off waiting before switching to NS Flex. We are still developing an alternative for Keuzedagen for use with NS Flex.
    • Studentenreisproduct (Student travel product): it is not yet possible to travel with an NS Flex season ticket on the same OV-chipkaart as your Student travel product. To travel using both products, you will need to request an additional card.
    • Season ticket for bus, tram and metro: our Customer Service can combine your discount season ticket with your NS Flex season ticket.

Types of season ticket

You can travel using two types of season ticket: NS Flex or Reizen op saldo (Travelling on balance). The main difference is in how you pay for your journeys. With NS Flex, you pay for your journeys in arrears, while with Reizen op saldo, you top up the balance on your OV-chipkaart before boarding the train. What do you get with each type of season ticket?

  • What is NS Flex?

    With an NS Flex season ticket, you immediately have access to all of the following benefits on your OV-chipkaart:

    • Change or cancel your season ticket every month
    • Check in and out directly on the train, bus, tram and metro
    • Use of the OV-fiets and bicycle storage facility on account
    • Automatic correction if you forget to check out
    • Samenreiskorting (Combined travel discount): 40% discount during off-peak hours when travelling with up to three companions
    • Switch to first class up to 15 minutes after checking in
    • Pay travel costs monthly in arrears (via direct debit)

    Read more information about NS Flex.

  • What is Travelling on balance?

    The following conditions apply to Reizen op saldo (Travelling on balance):

    • Top up your balance before travelling - you pay before your journey
    • A balance of at least € 10 on your OV-chipkaart
    • Free registration for the OV-fiets service
    • Free registration for Bicycle storage on account
    • Samenreiskorting (Combined travel discount): 40% discount during off-peak hours for up to three companions