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Making changes to season tickets

You can make changes to your NS season ticket using Mijn NS or by telephoning Customer Service. For example, in this way you can change the class of your season ticket or request extra options.

Make changes to season tickes online using Mijn NS

You can manage and change several aspects of your season ticket safely and easily using your Mijn NS account.

You can carry out the following changes to your season ticket:

Making changes to season tickets on the telephone via NS Customer Service

You can also change your season ticket by telephoning NS Customer Service. Your change will always take effect on the same day of the month that your season ticket commenced. Please note: it is not possible to order a Bijabonnement by telephone.

Confirming and activating your changes

You will receive an email confirming your change along with instructions on how to activate it. Activate your change by taking your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card to an NS Ticket Machine or another OV-chipkaart collection point. You can find all the collection points in your area using the address finder. If we do not have your email address then you will receive a letter.

How to activate a change at an NS Ticket Machine or OV-chipkaart collection point

  • Hold your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card to the card reader by the bottom right of the screen or insert your card into the machine
  • Select ‘Ophalen bestellingen’ (download season ticket) and follow the instructions on the screen
  • The changes have now been processed on your card

It is also possible to activate multiple changes simultaneously. For example, transferring to a different season ticket or adding/changing an extra option.

Delaying changes until later

If you want your change to take effect at a later date, in 3 months' time for example, you can still activate it straight away. The change will be loaded onto your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card and processed in your contract, but will only apply from the date that you have specified. In the case of NS Flex it is not possible to schedule changes to take effect at a future date.

If carrying out changes in Mijn NS does not work

Different contracts have different options that can be changed. Check the 'Mijn Producten' menu in Mijn NS to see which options apply to you. There can be various reasons why you cannot carry out a certain change to your subscription:

  • The change can only be made after the first year of the contract has passed
  • Your OV-chipkaart is a replacement
  • You are using an OV-chipkaart that is only valid for 3 more days
  • The status of your OV-chipkaart in our system is ‘blocked’
  • A change to the main season ticket has already been requested, but has not yet been activated at a machine

Always activate your change at a machine first, unless adding or removing your Keuzedagen.

Switching or cancelling season tickets

Transferring to a different season ticket

On the page Transferring to a different season ticket you will find the relevant options and conditions.

Cancelling a season ticket

Read more about how you can cancel your season ticket on the page Cancelling a season ticket.