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Voordeeluren season ticket

Your Voordeeluren season ticket entitles you to 40% discount on your train travel. If you are 60 years or older, you can combine your Voordeeluren season ticket with Keuzedagen [Optional days]. The Voordeeluren season ticket itself is no longer available.

When can you travel with a 40% discount?

  • From Monday to Friday from 9.00am, including afternoon rush hour
  • All day on the weekend
  • All day during the months of July and August
  • On a number of holidays you can travel before 9.00am at a discount

Additional benefits of your season ticket

  • 40% Combined travel discount for a maximum of 3 travelling companions
  • 15% discount on international travel with RAILPLUS, for € 15 extra per year
  • RAILPLUS free voor persons which are 60 years or older
  • Free copy of the magazine Spoor five times a year, with attractive offers.

Additional benefits for over-60s

Are you 60 years or older? Then you are entitled to a seniors discount along with your Voordeeluren season ticket, known as the Keuzedagen. With Keuzedagen you can take advantage of a whole day of unlimited train travel throughout the Netherlands, seven times a year, at a very low rate. In addition to the cost of your Voordeeluren season ticket, this costs an extra € 24.50 (2nd class) or € 49.50 (1st class).

Worth knowing

  • Your Keuzedagen are valid every day of the week, Monday to Friday from 9.00am, and also in the afternoon rush hour. On the weekend, your Keuzedagen are valid all day. Your Keuzedagen are also valid during holidays.
  • You can order your Keuzedagen via your Mijn NS account. You cannot order this through the NS ticket machine or at the Tickets & Service counter.

Extending, cancelling and switching

If you already have a Voordeeluren season ticket, this will be automatically extended each year. The Voordeeluren season ticket costs € 63,70 per year. You can cancel your season ticket on a month by month basis.

You can also switch to another season ticket; we will terminate your Voordeeluren season ticket automatically. The remaining season ticket balance will be deposited into your bank account afterwards. If you switch to one of our other season tickets, you will not be able to return to your current Voordeeluren season ticket.