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Voordeeluren season ticket

The Voordeeluren season ticket is no longer available for sale, but if you already have a Voordeeluren season ticket, then you can continue to use it and extend it.

When can you travel with a discount?

If you already have a Voordeeluren season ticket, then you can travel with a 40% discount:

  • From Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00, and between 18:30 and 06:30.
  • All day at the weekend and on several holidays.

The moment you check in determines whether you are eligible for a discount. If you check in during off-peak hours and check out during peak hours, you can travel with a 40% discount. But if you check in during peak hours and check out during off-peak hours, you are not eligible for a discount.

Even more benefits

  • 40% Samenreiskorting for up to 3 travel companions.
  • 15% discount on international travel with RAILPLUS, for € 15 extra per year  (PLEASE NOTE: on 15 December 2019, NMBS (Belgian Railways) stopped participating in RAILPLUS, so you are no longer eligible for a discount on tickets to and from Belgium.).
  • RAILPLUS free for ages 60 and up.
  • Free Spoor magazine with fun offers 5x per year.
  • 7 Keuzedagen per year for € 26 (2nd class) or € 51.00 (1st class) for travellers aged 60 and up.

Extending, cancelling and switching

If you already have a Voordeeluren season ticket, this will be automatically extended each year. You can cancel your season ticket on a month by month basis.

You can also switch to another season ticket; we then will terminate your Voordeeluren season ticket automatically. The remaining season ticket balance will be deposited into your bank account afterwards.

If you cancel your current Voordeeluren season ticket, or switch to one of our other season tickets, you will not be able to return to your current Voordeeluren season ticket or purchase a new Voordeeluren season ticket.