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NS as an employer

NS is an organisation with a diverse workforce that employees, passengers, applicants and business partners see as representative of themselves, welcoming and respectful. This diversity helps keep NS aware of the latest developments in society, enabling us to adjust our policies accordingly. We continue to keep a close eye on developments in this area, learn from one another on a daily basis and continue to develop as an organisation all the time.

Employment opportunities

One of our priorities is to create 200 sustainable jobs for people with occupational disabilities. To achieve this we are working with specialist recruitment & selection agencies and have also set up a special team within our own recruitment department. These efforts make it easier for us to assess the needs of this target group and to find suitable work. At NS, the first thing that we consider is the talents of each employee and candidate. Then we look at any practical help they may need from us (adapted workstations, facilities and the most suitable working hours). The most important thing is whether someone has the necessary talent and is a good match for the job. When employees join NS, their employment terms and conditions are the same as those of all other employees in the same division.

In partnership with our suppliers, we aim to ensure that NS employs as many people as possible who are excluded from the labour market or have occupational disabilities. These joint efforts with our suppliers to help people excluded from the labour market are intended to contribute to our social objectives. We also apply this approach to a number of current contractual arrangements and tender procedures. Take for instance the contracts for operating our bicycle storage facilities and for deploying temporary staff.

Former refugees are a special group of employees. We help them to fill regular vacancies and traineeships by working in close cooperation with UAF (a foundation for refugee students), municipalities and other organisations. In partnership with UAF, each year we provide 5 (paid) work placements lasting 9 months for refugees with a higher education. In 2018 we worked with other organisations to help guide these refugees into work by arranging introductory meetings with retail businesses. NS regularly shares the knowledge and experience it has gained with other employers, organisations and municipalities.