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With the bus, tram or metro

For many travellers, the bus, tram and metro are pleasant and affordable ways of moving around a city. You can travel easily with one of our NS Flex season tickets and plan your journey using the NS app.


City and regional transport througout the Netherlands. Fast, affordable and with good connections


The preferred means of transport in large cities. Get on and off easily, good connections, an easy way of getting around the city


Faster than the bus and tram, available in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

OV-chipkaart and season tickets

Travelling with an OV-chipkaart

You can travel with an OV-chipkaart by train, bus, tram and metro. Your card is active immediately and you can travel with NS in second class once you've added a balance to your card. You can top up your card's balance at the NS ticket machine. If you'd like to know more, find out how you can travel with an OV-chipkaart.

Checking in directly on the bus, tram and train with NS Flex

You can check in directly on the bus, tram and metro with our NS Flex season tickets. Take a look at our season tickets.

Arrange your whole journey easily using the NS app

Did you know that you can easily plan your entire journey in the NS app, and that we offer more services that enable you to travel the way you want to? Examples include hiring an OV-fiets or Greenwheels car. Discover all of our services and find out which one suits you best today.