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If you are aged 60 years or older, and have a Dal Voordeel (Off-peak discount), you can order Keuzedagen (Optional days). Keuzedagen enable you to travel at an extra discount during off-peak hours on seven days per year. Second class Keuzedagen cost € 27,50 per year, and first class is € 53,70 per year. Keuzedagen are not available for NS Flex season tickets.

Want to know more? You'll find everything you need to know about Keuzedagen on these pages.

The answer to your question...

Order Keuzedagen

Are you over the age of 60 and would you like to order Keuzedagen? On this page, we'll tell you what Keuzedagen are, what they cost and how you can order them.

Keuzedagen and their validity

Have you ordered Keuzedagen? You'll get seven Keuzedagen a year that entitle you to free off-peak travel. This page will tell you more about Keuzedagen and their validity: how long they're valid, when you get them and where you can travel with your Keuzedagen.

Viewing Keuzedagen

If you would like to view your Keuzedagen (Optional days), you can do so via Mijn NS. You will be able to see your available, upcoming and used Keuzedagen. You can find out how to view your Keuzedagen on this page.

Picking up Keuzedagen

Before you can take a trip with a Keuzedag, you have to pick it up from an NS ticket machine. Find out more on this page.

Renewing, changing, or cancelling Keuzedagen

Want to renew, change or cancel your Keuzedagen? Continue reading this page to find out how.