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Each day 1.1 million people divided over 5,200 trains travel with NS. Travelling by train offers many benefits; you can work, read, meet new people and use the facilities at the station and on the train. In addition, we try to guarantee your safety. You can also make a contribution together with our staff.

The answer to your question...

Sales and travel information at the station

See where you can find sales and travel information at the station.

Facilities at and around the station

A wide range of facilities are available at or around the stations.

Facilities in the train

The Intercity trains and Sprinters are equipped with a wide range of facilities.

Safety on the train and at the station

What to do when you are confronted with aggression or vandalism?

OV Service & Tickets shops

The OV Service & Tickets shops provide information about the bus, train, metro and tram.

House rules at the station and in the trains

Certain house rules apply at the stations and in the trains.