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Facilities at and around the station

At or around the station, many facilities are available to travelers, such as bicycle parking, food and beverages, toilets and booksellers.

Icons at the station

All of the facilities at the station are clearly marked with icon signs. That way, you can quickly see where you need to go. Would you like to know which facilities are available at your station? Find your station and view a list of all of the facilities available. 

Other facilities at the station

Toilets at the station

Would you like to know if there are toilets available at a specific station? Click on the departure or destination station in the travel information provided in the Journey Planner. You'll immediately see whether there are toilets available at your departure or destination station, including opening hours. You can also read how much the toilets cost, how to pay, whether a toilet custodian is present and whether the toilets are accessible to people with a functional disability.

Changing money and ATM machines at the station

The larger stations will have a GWK Travelex office. At GWK Travelex you can arrange simple money transactions, such as ATM withdrawals, exchanging money and depositing sums.


The larger stations will have police posts present. Since 2000, the Railway Police are no longer part of NS, but the National Police Service Corps (KLPD).

Waiting room

Covered waiting areas are present at a large number of stations without a station hall or building. Here, you can wait for your train while protected from the wind or rain. Many of the waiting areas are closed after the last train has departed for the day.

NS International Lounge

The NS International Lounges can be found at the stations Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal and Schiphol Airport. At the NS International Lounges, travellers can relax, prepare for work or read. There is also access to wireless Internet, modern meeting rooms (for a cost) and there is a self-service bar for free beverages.

Regus | NS station2station

In order to help you take full advantage of your commute, NS and Regus have teamed up to offer flexible workplaces at select stations. Regus provides all of the facilities necessary for a network of flexible solutions at NS stations.

Lifts and ramps

Travelers who are disabled or have trouble walking can use the lifts and ramps available at most stations. Ramps make it easier for travelers in a wheelchair to reach the platform easily without using the stairs.