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Special routes

For special routes at unusual journey times, NS has various options, such as night trains, international trains, the Intercity direct and trains to and from the airport. In addition, with a Regio season ticket you can also use urban and rural transport services.

The answer to your question...

Intercity direct

Read more about how you can save time with the Intercity direct.

Night trains

Traveling with the night train is fast and comfortable

Taking the train to the airport

Get to the station quickly by train, without expensive parking costs.

City and regional transport services

Almost every station has connections to local public transport services.

Traveling on an international train

You can travel on international trains in the Netherlands with a valid ticket, with the exception of Thalys and Eurostar trains. A supplement may be required for some trains.

Traveling in an international train with the NS-Business Card

No supplement is required to travel on an international train within the Netherlands using the NS-Business Card.