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Bringing a bicycle onto the train

Want to bring your bicycle with you aboard the train? With a Fietskaart Dal, you can bring your bicycle along with you during off-peak hours. Plan your journey with the NS app. Also remember to register your journey AND your bicycle. That way, we can avoid overcrowding in the trains, and ensure the safest possible journey.

How do I register a bicycle space?

You can easily register your bicycle via Treinwijzer in the NS app or at (remember to update the app first). You can also register by contacting Customer Service or visiting the service desk at the station. You only need to register your bicycle for NS trains and can do so from two weeks before your departure until the moment of your departure. Please bear in mind that you can only travel during off-peak hours: Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, and 6:30 pm and 6:30 am. You will not be able to register your bicycle on trains travelling during peak hours.

Not travelling after all?

If your journey is cancelled unexpectedly, we would appreciate it if you would remember to cancel your registration as well. You can do so using the link in your registration confirmation e-mail that you received, or in your Treinwijzer account if you have one.

Registering a bicycle space via the NS app or

  1. Open the Travel Planner in the NS app or at and plan your journey.
  2. Select your departure and arrival stations and the departure time.
  3. Click ‘Treinreis aanmelden' (Register a train journey). A new screen will open.
  4. If there are enough spaces available, click on 'Fietsplek aanmelden' (Register a bicycle space).
  5. Once all the details are correct, if you're logged in with your NS account, you can confirm your registration with the click of a button.
  6. If you do not yet have an NS account, fill in your e-mail address and confirm your registration.
  7. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and including a link that you can use to cancel your registration if necessary.
  8. Don't forget to buy a Fietskaart Dal bicycle ticket!

* If you do not yet have a Mijn NS account, you can easily create one or activate your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.

Good to know

  • Registration is voluntary: you are not required to register your bicycle space when you travel by train. Your registration gives you the same rights as travellers without a registration.
  • The Fietskaart Dal is only valid in combination with another ticket. That means you always need another ticket for your own journey if you would like to travel with a Fietskaart Dal.
  • A Fietskaart Dal is also valid for other rail carriers in the Netherlands.
  • You cannot bring your bicycle along aboard the ICE, Thalys, Eurostar, Nightjet and NS buses. You are allowed to bring a bicycle along aboard the IC Berlin and IC Brussels, but during the summer months (July and August) only travellers with an international bicycle ticket may board these trains.
  • From September to June, you may only take your bicycle on the train with you during off-peak hours from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm and 6.30 pm to 6.30 am on Monday to Friday. You can take your bike with you all day on weekends and public holidays, as well as during July and August.
  • You can only take your bicycle with you on the train if there is enough room for it. This also applies if you have booked a place for it. In some cases, your booking may therefore lapse - please see the booking conditions included in the Conditions for taking your bicycle along on the train.
  • If you use a bicycle as a mobility aid due to a disability, then you can take it with you free of charge under certain conditions .
  • See here or visit to read the conditions for taking your bicycle on the train, including the booking conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I mandatory to reserve a place for my bicycle?

    No, registration is voluntary: you are not required to register your bicycle space when you travel by train. Your registration gives you the same rights as travellers without a registration.

  • Is my registration a ticket?

    No, your registration is not a ticket. You travel in the usual way, using your OV-chipkaart or a separate ticket, such as an e-ticket. You also will need an Off-peak Bicycle Ticket for your bicycle.

  • Can I always bring along my bicycle if I have a registration?

    You are only allowed to bring along a bicycle if there is enough space in the train. That applies even if you have a registration, so your registration may be cancelled under certain circumstances. See the Conditions for bicycles in the train for more information about the registration conditions.

  • Can I bring my bicycle when buses are being used?

    No, you may not bring your bicycle with you on an NS bus. Regrettably, there is no space for bicycles.

  • May I take my folding bicycle on the train?

    • You can take your folding bike on the train free of charge if you fold it up, even during rush hour. You do not have to book a place for your folding bicycle.
    • Fold your bicycle before boarding, and unfold it after disembarking from the train.
    • You may not under any circumstances block access to external doors, internal doors or aisles with your folding bicycle (or luggage). This is for safety reasons, as all doors are emergency exits.
  • Can I take my bicycle abroad?

    • During rush hour and in the summer months of July and August, bicycle transport on the Intercity Berlin en Intercity Brussels is reserved for passengers with an international bicycle ticket and mandatory bicycle booking.
    • Outside of this period, you can also take your bicycle on the domestic routes of the Intercity Berlin and Intercity Brussels. It is not possible to book travel on a domestic route.

    In all cases, there must be sufficient space on the train. The train is very busy in summer, in particular, and it may not be possible for all bicycles to be transported.

Don't see your question here? Contact NS Customer Service. We'll be happy to help you.

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