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Bringing a bicycle onto the train

Starting on 1 July, you can take your bicycle with you on the train again. Please register it beforehand. This will enable you to see which NS trains still have enough space for your bicycle. In turn, this will ensure the most efficient distribution and the safest journey possible. 

How does registration work?

You can register a new train journey by logging in to Safe Train Service. You will then be in the ‘Mijn Registraties’ section, where you can find the registered journeys that you are yet to take, and you can register a new journey. While registering, you will be able to see how many spaces are available on the train for your bicycle.

You can register your train journey up until one minute before the planned departure time of the train. It is only possible to register a train journey for today and tomorrow.

We advise you first to register your journey and your bicycle, and then purchase an Off-peak Bicycle Ticket. Naturally, you will also have to have a valid train ticket.

Below are the conditions for registering your train journey, with and without a bicycle (Safe Train Service Conditions; Voorwaarden Trein Veilig Service).

Safe Train Service instruction video

Frequently asked questions about registering with the Safe Train Service

  • Am I obliged to register my train journey and/or my bicycle?

    No, you are not obliged to register your train journey or your bicycle. You are free to travel without registering. However, we do request that you register your journey.

    This will enable us - and you, as a traveller - to see in advance how crowded the train is going to be and whether there is enough space available to take your bicycle. We can only offer efficient and safe journeys if we work together.

  • How do I register a journey?

    You can register a new journey by logging in to the registration system. Once you're in 'Mijn registraties', you'll be able to see the registered journeys that are yet to be taken, and register a new journey.

  • Is my registration a ticket?

    No, your registration is not a ticket. You travel in the usual way with your OV-chipkaart or with a separate ticket (such as an e-ticket). If you want to take your bicycle with you in the train, then register it, and remember to purchase an Off-peak Bicycle Ticket. These tickets are currently only available online.

  • Does a registration give me priority on a crowded train?

    No, a registration for a journey does not entitle you to travel on the train for which you have registered. The same applies for the registration of your bicycle - a registration does not entitle you to take your bicycle on the train. You can only take your bicycle if there is space for it.

    However, registering your journey and your bicycle does give you insight into how crowded the train is with respect to seats and bicycles.

  • Why must I log in with an NS account to register?

    We need your e-mail address so we can inform you about your registered journey. You will receive an e-mail from us to confirm your registered journey, when you cancel your journey, and if your registered journey is cancelled due to a disruption or malfunction. For most travellers, this e-mail address is linked to an NS account. If you have an NS account, you can use this to log in and register journeys.
    If you do not have an NS account, you can easily create one. All you need is an e-mail address and a password that you choose yourself. After creating your account, you just need to confirm your e-mail address once to be able to log in.

  • How do you handle my data?

    Read all about how NS handles your data in the privacystatement and in the terms and conditions for the Safe Train Service (on this page).

If you don't see your question here, please contact NS Customer Service. We'll be happy to assist!

Off-peak Bicycle Ticket conditions

An Off-peak Bicycle Ticket enables you to take your bicycle, recumbent bike, racing bike, electric bike or tandem with you in the designated part of the train for a day. The following rules apply:

  • You hold an Off-peak Bicycle Ticket.
  • An Off-peak Bicycle Ticket is only valid in combination with another ticket. You therefore need another ticket for your own journey in addition to your Off-peak Bicycle Ticket.
  • An Off-peak Bicycle ticket can also be used on other carriers, however you may not take a bicycle with you on the ICE train, Thalys or NS buses.
  • You are travelling outside of rush hour.
  • During rush hour, from 6.30 - 9.00 am and 4.00 - 6.30 pm, you may not take your bicycle on the train due to the limited space. This rule also applies if you check in before rush hour but travel during rush hour.
  • On weekends, holidays and during July and August, you can take your bicycle on the train at any time during the day, including rush hour.
  • Means of transport other than those mentioned on this page are not allowed. This includes bicycle trailers and wagons.
  • Please only put your bicycle in the specially designated places on the train. If there is no room, then you may not take your bicycle.
  • Always remove your luggage (panniers, etc.) from your bicycle to allow room for other bicycles.
  • You must keep an eye on your bicycle yourself.
  • If you have a modified bicycle, recumbent bike or tandem due to a disability, then you can take it with you free of charge under certain conditions.

Taking your bicycle to another country on the train

  • During rush hour and in the summer months of July and August, bicycle transport on the Intercity Berlin and Intercity Brussels trains is reserved for travellers with an international bicycle ticket and a compulsory bicycle reservation.
  • Outside of this period, you can also take your bicycle on the Intercity Berlin and Intercity Brussels domestic routes. It is not possible to make a reservation for a domestic route.

In all cases, there must be sufficient space on the train. It is especially busy on the train in summer, and it's possible that not all bicycles will be able to come on the train.

Taking a folding bicycle on the train

  • You can bring a folding bicycle with you on the train for free, even during peak hours, as long as it is folded. You do not need to register it.
  • Please fold up your bicycle before boarding and wait until you leave the train to unfold it again.
  • Under no circumstances may your folding bicycle or luggage block the exterior doors, interior doors or corridors on the train. This is for safety purposes, as all doors on and in the train serve as emergency exits.