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Checking in and out with your debit card

Check in and out using your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone. Easy if you travel on the train infrequently!

Plan your journey with your debit card
Vrouw houdt betaalpas vast

Always a ticket at hand

You no longer need to purchase a separate ticket.

No more topping up your balance

You no longer have to top up the balance on your OV-chipkaart.

Easy to do with your mobile

You can also check in and out using your debit card on your mobile phone.

Who can use this?

Travelling with your debit card is ideal for anyone who only travels occasionally on public transport. You no longer need to purchase a separate ticket or OV-chipkaart. When you check in using your debit card, you travel in second class with no discount.

This allows you to travel in the way that suits you best!

Do you have a season ticket?
If so, you continue to travel using your OV-chipkaart. You also continue to use these for other services, such as OV-fiets, bicycle parking or getting traveler discount at a P+R site.

How to travel with your debit card

In order to travel with your contactless debit, credit card or mobile phone, you don't need to activate anything. Travel this way right away.

  1. Take card that you wish to use for travel out of your wallet, or use the debit card on your mobile phone.
  2. Hold your card or mobile phone against the card reader when checking in.
  3. Check out with the same card.

It's that easy!

View the costs on your bank account statement
The cost of your journey will be aggregated and debited from your bank account the following day. The payment always has a payment reference that starts with NLOV, followed by 14 numbers and letters.

View your journeys in Mijn NS
Link your debit card to Mijn NS. This gives you immediate access to your travel history and costs. If you don't have a Mijn NS account, sign up for Mijn NS or visit your travel overview on and follow the instructions.

Video on checking in and out using your debit card

Take your card out of your wallet

Whether you're travelling with your debit card or OV-chipkaart, always take the card out of your wallet when checking in and out. This ensures that you're using the right card for your journey and avoids the possibility of you being charged twice. If you bought an e-ticket, then you can check in by holding your ticket in the NS-app against the card reader.

About OVpay

You can check in and out using your debit card, credit card and mobile phone, throughout the country and on all carriers. This new method for checking in and out comes under the name of OVpay, which is a joint initiative by all carriers. For more information, go to the OVpay website.

Frequently asked questions about checking in with your debit card

  • What do I need to do to travel with my debit card?

    You don't have to do anything beforehand to travel with your debit card. So you don't have to sign up. Of course, you must have a valid debit card with which you can pay contactless.

  • How do I know what my journey?

    You can't see the price of a ride on the card reader. You will see the price of a ride after it has been debited from your account. The payment will have payment reference starting with NLOV followed by 14 digits and letters.

    Want an overview of which charge goes with which ride?
    Then link your debit card to Mijn NS and see how much a ride has cost you here. If you've linked your debit card, you will see the fare in Mijn NS immediately after your ride and no longer have to wait for your bank statement

    Want to see not only your journeys on NS, but also on other modes of transport? 
    Download the OVpay app. Or view your travel overview for one specific day in your travel summary at

  • How safe is travelling on my debit card?

    Travelling with your debit card is just as safe as using contactless payment in the supermarket. Your bank can't see your travel details, and the conductor checking your card cannot see your banking details. View our privacy statement.

    Of course, you should always be careful when using your debit card or credit card. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you should block it immediately.

  • I checked in with my debit card by accident.

    That's a shame! It is therefore possible that you have paid too much. If you answer a couple of questions, we'll tell you whether you can request a refund, and how.

If you would like more information or have another question, take a look at all of the frequently asked questions about travelling with your debit card.

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